Values of the Penn HOSA Foundation

Towards our organization …

We believe we act as a critical link empowering students to pursue a post-secondary education in the health care professions.

We believe that we are a dynamic force to perpetuate health care professions, especially in Pennsylvania.

We believe that we are a catalyst to support and grow more HOSA Inc. chapters.

We believe that we have a duty to set the national pace in providing scholarships to students.

We believe we act as a secure vehicle for private, philanthropic and public gift giving.

We believe that there is unlimited potential for growth and we will pursue it.

We believe that our organization must remain lean in administrative costs so as to direct funds we raise towards students, first and foremost.

We believe that we must remain true to our mission and not encumber it with bureaucratic red tape nor will we “follow the money” and as a result, redirect our energies outside of our mission.

We believe that every board member has the responsibility to identify sources and contacts to raise funds for scholarships.

Towards the health care professions…

We believethat there is a great demand and need for health care professions in Pennsylvania and we have a responsibility to address that demand.

We believe that health professions improve our society and that in pursuing this career; students enter the field as a “calling” to fulfill a higher purpose. It is more than just a job.

We believe that careers in this field offer a wide array of opportunities with entry levels appropriate to each student’s abilities.

We believe that the health professions offer career ladders that benefit each person’s ability to grow in this constantly evolving field.

We believe that careers in this field are family-friendly allowing flexibility in scheduling  and supportive of family life, in general.

We believe that a core value in pursuing a career in the health professions is to serve one’s community and deliver compassionate care to its members.

Towards students…

We believe that well motivated students should not be constrained by finances.

We believe in recognizing and rewarding hard work.

We believe students will do well to remain in Pennsylvania and we will encourage them to do so.

We believe that young people who are active members of HOSA Inc. are deserving of our scholarships.

We believe that students receiving our scholarships will pursue a career in the health care professions.

We believe in developing the whole person and will nurture students to become confident, sensitive, and compassionate caregivers.

We believe in nurturing each individual’s leadership abilities, personal growth and capacity for continuous learning.

We believe that by offering scholarships, we are adding value and incentive to HOSA membership.

We believe that student’s real “life stories” offer an opportunity to inspire gift giving and motivate other young people to pursue health care careers.

We believe our students deserve excellent advisors and mentors who can inspire, motivate, counsel and impart knowledge of the health care professions.

We believe students appreciate the scholarships we award them.

Towards HOSA Inc. Chapters …

We believe that Chapter Advisors are vital to developing the whole person, mentoring students, instilling professional behaviors and imparting knowledge.

We believe that Chapter Advisors develop the whole person by offering opportunities to develop confidence, sensitivity, leadership and personal growth – all desirable characteristics of healthcare professionals.

We believe that Chapter Advisors act as a vital communication link with school guidance counselors, teachers, administrators and the health care community.

We believe that students throughout all of Pennsylvania should have access to HOSA Inc. chapters.

We believe that Chapter Advisors offer the Foundation valuable information and insight on community needs and interests of students which can better inform fundraising efforts and also offer real life stories of students to inspire gift giving.

We believe that HOSA Chapters inspire public service among its students and thus, build tomorrow’s volunteers.

We believe that Chapter Advisors can act as advocates for support services of students with unique needs and guide students towards careers appropriate to their capacity; balancing the need to inspire students to excel yet being realistic of their abilities.

We believe in the value and growth of chapters at the college level, in addition to high school programs.