HOSA-Future Health Professionals is a student organi­zation that operates pursuant to federal and state laws which recognize the need for HOSA activ­ities to be a valuable component of career-technical education programs in health occupa­tions or health science education.

HOSA membership is a part of an instruc­tional program that prepares students for a health care career. Such programs can be found in:

  • High Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Technical Schools
  • Community Colleges
  • Universities

An individual student who wants to join HOSA must join a HOSA chapter. Individual member­ships are not available since HOSA activ­ities support the instruc­tional program.

If your school has a HOSA chapter:

If you wish to join HOSA, find out if there is a HOSA chapter at your school. If there is, contact the chapter advisor and obtain membership infor­mation. Students who wish to join an existing HOSA chapter but are not enrolled in the health occupations/health science program may join the chapter as an associate member.

If your school has a health occupations/health science program but no HOSA chapter:

If your school has a health occupations/health science program but no HOSA chapter, talk to the health career program instructor about starting a HOSA chapter. Many instructors respond favorably to students who wish to take respon­si­bility for their leadership devel­opment. Talk with the instructor about possible alter­na­tives that would enable your school to make available the important oppor­tu­nities that HOSA membership offers.

If your school does not have a health occupations/health science program:

If you school does not have a health occupations/health science program – or any program designed to prepare students for a future health career, then you may wish to talk to a school admin­is­trator or counselor to share your needs and desire to start HOSA. If you can find a faculty member who will serve as your chapter advisor and at least five members who plan to pursue a health career, you could start a chapter of associate members. One of the goals of your HOSA chapter would then be to encourage school leaders to begin a health occupations/health science program.

If you are enrolled at a college or university that does not offer HOSA:

Once again, your best option is to find a group of healthcare majors and organize a HOSA chapter. You will want to follow the rules of your school in starting a new club or service organi­zation. You will also need a faculty member to agree to serve as your chapter advisor.

For infor­mation about joining HOSA contact the PENNsylvania HOSA State Advisor at