Online Affiliation

Affiliation Process

Yearly HOSA membership brings the challenge of promoting and achieving continued growth for PENN HOSA. Your PENN HOSA State Advisor is ready to assist in meeting this challenge. Let us know how we can be helpful by contacting us at (717) 273‑8605 or

  • Be among the first 100  chapters from across the nation that  submit  chapter  appli­ca­tions  to  HOSA  by October 15 and  you’ll  receive  a certificate  as  a HOSA-100  Club  Chapter.  HOSA-100 Club Chapters are also recog­nized in the on-line HOSA E-MAGAZINE.
  • Special recog­nition is given to 100% chapters at the State Leadership Conference (SLC), the National Leadership Conference (NLC) and in the NLC Program.  You must register every student enrolled in your program in order to be considered a 100% chapter by National HOSA.
  • HOSA certifi­cates for members, HOSA 100 Club and HOSA 100% Affiliation can be accessed by clicking HERE.
  • Supplemental membership affil­i­a­tions are accepted until March 1.

The Affiliation Process is online and it is easy! All PENN HOSA chapters affiliate through the national HOSA web site at The step by step INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOSA CHAPTER AFFILIATIONwill guide you through the chapter affil­i­ation process.