How to Start a HOSA Chapter


Please review the entire chapter affiliation process before you continue. If you have questions about any aspect of the process, please contact the PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals State Advisor:

Walt Slauch
211 Kelso Circle
Collegeville, Pa 19426

Step #1 Contact the PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals State Advisor and indicate your interest in affiliating your school/college and students with the state association and national organization.

  • You will be given a charter # and password that will be required for the online affiliation process of your chapter members. The national online affiliation system is used to affiliate members, view your account balance, print your membership directory, complete online registration for conferences, add proctors for online testing and much more. In other words, this is where you’ll do almost everything for your chapter.
  • All affiliation information will be found on the HOSA-Future Health Professionals website
  • The state advisor is an excellent source of information regarding state and national activities, projects, meetings and services available to chapter advisors and members so contact her with any questions.
Step #2 To start a chapter there must be five (5) students and one (1) advisor. More information of Advisor responsibilities is located in Section C of the HOSA Handbook: Guide to Organizing and Managing a HOSA Chapter found under Publications on the national website @
Step #3 Decide which method your institution will use to organize one or more HOSA chapters.

Classroom based chapter. A HOSA chapter is formed for each class of five (5) or more students with one (1) advisor. This is a preferred method in institutions where students are unable to meet together regularly.   For example, a career and technology center might offer a HSE (Health Science Education) program in the morning and afternoon.   The instructor could organize multiple chapters that will conduct their business meetings and activities independent of each other; HOSA Chapter #1 (a.m.); HOSA Chapter #2 (afternoon). Each chapter elects an officer team and develops its Program of Work (POW). For large projects, chapters can collaborate. Business meetings and programs can be held during class time since HOSA is “curricular” and not “extracurricular.”

Instructor based chapter. One instructor forms a chapter for all students enrolled in his/her classes.   While chapter meetings with all students may be difficult to schedule, individual classes can form in-class committees to plan and organize projects and activities. Each class can elect a vice president (class representative) that serves on a HOSA Chapter Council, the steering committee for the chapter.

Institution-wide chapter. A single chapter is formed for all students in all classes regardless of the number of instructors. This is the preferred method for high school and post high school institutions (community colleges, technical schools and four-year colleges) where multiple instructors offer multiple courses.   If this method is adopted, every effort must be made to get 100% active involvement by all students and instructors.

Step #4 Contact local school/college officials (e.g. activity directors, Dean of Student Activities, Directors) and make certain all information is properly submitted and on file.   (A sample constitution for a HOSA chapter is available in the HOSA HANDBOOK under Publications @
Step #5 The advisor and lead students meet and review the material in the affiliation information found on the HOSA website
Step #6 Recruit, Recruit, and Recruit! A membership drive is held and an orientation presentation is given to the target students.
Step #7 Chapter guidelines are established for a local officer election and chapter officers are elected.
Step #8 Processes for collecting funds and paying bills are established according to the school/district policy.
Step #9 Yearly student membership fees are $16 (state – $6 and national – $10). All Pennsylvania HOSA students must be a member of both the state and national organization. In addition, a chapter may elect to collect local chapter fees.
Step #10 Yearly advisor/professional membership fees are $16 (state – $6 and national – $10). And just like the student members, all Pennsylvania HOSA-Future Health Professionals advisors/professionals must be a member of both the state and national organization.
Step #11 Membership fees are collected and deposited into the proper account established at the educational facility.
Step #12 Complete chapter membership affiliation for state and national membership directly online by going to the HOSA-Future Health Professionals website Before beginning the affiliation process you will need your assigned chapter # and password. Contact your state advisor @ the address listed above if this information is needed. Directions for completing the affiliation process can be found on the Pennsylvania state website at

  • Be among the first 100 chapters from across the nation that submit chapter applications to HOSA-Future Health Professionals by October 15 and you’ll receive a certificate as a HOSA-100 Club Chapter.   HOSA-100 Club Chapters are also recognized in the on-line HOSA E-MAGAZINE.
  • Special recognition is given to 100% chapters at the State Leadership Conference (SLC) and a downloadable certificate is available on the HOSA website
    • You must register every student enrolled in your program in order to be considered a 100% chapter by HOSA-Future Health Professionals.
  • A downloadable membership certificate is available on the HOSA website
  • Supplemental membership affiliations are accepted until March 1.
Step #13 Get students actively involved in local, state and national activities through attendance at:

  1. Local chapter meetings.
  2. Local committee meetings.
  3. State officer training meetings (if available).
  4. State Leadership Conference (SLC) held in the spring (review the competitive events and workshops in which members can participate).
  5. International Leadership Conference (ILC) held in June each year.
Step #14 Local chapter by-laws are developed and voted on by the membership and kept in a file. Contact your State Advisor for a sample.
Step #15 The membership develops a meaningful Program of Work (POW) that sets goals and plans for the year and includes the following types of activities:

  1. Leadership development.
  2. Community service.
  3. Social and recreational activities.
  4. Professional development.
  5. Fundraisers to generate sufficient revenue to support the student-developed Program of Work.
Step #16 Develop, refine and practice leadership skills in the local PENN HOSA chapter.
Step #17 Prepare students to participate in the HOSA Competitive Events Program. Contact your state advisor for the dates for state and international competition.
Step #18 Review the member services provided by HOSA-Future Health Professionals.

  1. National Organization. Founded in 1976, HOSA-Future Health Professionals provides an array of services and support to its chartered states and affiliated chapters and members.   The maintenance and expansion of the national organization provides maximum visibility for Health Occupations Education and the health care industry.   Greater visibility attracts attention and support for the organization (HOSA) and the instructional program area (Health Science Education).
  2. National Competitive Events Program. The competitive events program should be used by a chapter advisor to motivate HSE students to prepare for competition at state and/or international conferences. HOSA-Future Health Professionals does not provide competitive events for competition’s sake. Rather, HOSA-Future Health Professionals provides a national program as a means of recognizing those students who pursue excellence by preparing for competition and having the determination to attend a conference — state and/or international — and demonstrate those competencies gained through the HSE classroom. The Competitive Events Committee, working with Technical Advisory Committees, is constantly reviewing the national events to provide members and advisors with the most comprehensive and modern competitions available to HSE students.
  3. International Leadership Conference. In June, the International Leadership Conference (ILC) is held annually to recognize outstanding performance in leadership and competitions. While at the ILC, members and advisors are provided opportunities to learn about current health care issues. During the international conference the leadership of HOSA, Inc. and HOSA-Future Health Professionals meets and elects new representatives and officers.  The International Leadership Conference is not only the capstone of the year for the students and instructors in attendance; it is the spark for the new membership year.   All HOSA-Future Health Professionals members in good standing are eligible to attend the International Leadership Conference if approved by their state association and local chapter.
  4. National Publications.   The HOSA-Future Health Professionals Handbook is the primary document needed by all chapters and state associations.   Other publications and visual products are available to integrate HOSA into the Health Science/Health Occupations Education classroom and to organize and develop an effective local chapter and state association. All publications are available free at
  5. Emblematic Services. The HOSA, Inc. Board contracts with Awards Unlimited (Market Place) to provide the HOSA Supply Service.   A current catalog is online and products can be viewed and/or ordered @
  6. Scholarships.   HOSA-Future Health Professional members are eligible on the state level for the Penn HOSA Foundation Scholarships and for the HOSA Scholarship Program on the international level. The scholarship programs continue to grow each year with all applications posted on individual state and national levels.