2013 Finalists

NLC 2013 ~ Nashville, Tennessee


Gold Personal Care Jordan Noel Delaware Co. Technical HS – Gold
Bronze Home Health Aide Glendalis Guadarrama TCHS – Pennocks Bridge


4th Place CPR/FIRST AID Nicole Butz & Kristen Fisher Lehigh CTI-Emerging Health-Blue Team
5th Place Personal Care Morgan Ashmore Delaware Co. Technical HS- Ruby
7th Place Medical Reading Jena Spillane Berks CTC-West-Sunset 
Speaking Skills Aisha Gardner Martin Luther King High School
9th Place Interviewing Skills Mark Osborne Delaware Co. Technical HS- Ruby 
10th Place EMT Khalil Blount & Mike Jones-Betters Randolph Academy – Fire Science 


Gold Biotechnology Candace Hummel Laurel Technical Institute- Sharon HOSA
Bronze Medical Reading Patti Wolford Laurel Technical Institute- Sharon HOSA


4th Place Medical Spelling Nicole Reda Laurel Technical Institute- Sharon HOSA
5th Place Extemporaneous Health Poster Megan Patton Laurel Technical Institute- Sharon HOSA
6th Place  Knowledge Test Nutrition Jessica Roche Laurel Technical Institute- Sharon HOSA


NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTSHOSA awarded $71,000.00 in schol­ar­ships to members across the Nation. 

Stephanie Savage — TCHS-Pennocks Bridge; $1,000.00
Alev Erhan — North Montco Technical Career Center; $1,000.00

BARBARA JAMES SERVICE AWARDEncourages Health Science students to become contributing members of their commu­nities by performing community service. ***all members completing 100 or more hours of community service also earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award

***Alexis Wyeth
***Casey Dolan
***Sydney Sherman
 Archbishop Wood HS
***Lauren Pickrell  Carbon Career &Technical Institute
***Leesa Perkins
***Marcus Henderson
 Franklin Learning Center

HEALTH CARE ISSUES EXAMEncourages Health Science students to inves­tigate, analyze and apply their knowledge of current healthcare-related issues. This event is in the form of a 50 item multiple choice test.

Secondary Student Mastery Level Recipient — Megan Enos – Lehigh CTI- Emerging Health Blue Team
Postsecondary, First Place– Candace Hummel- Laurel Technical Institute

HOSA HAPPENINGSA commu­ni­cation event about the HOSA chapter presented in a manner that celebrates the chapter members and their achieve­ments, as well as shares infor­mation with readers that is health science-related.  Chapters tell the story of their chapter of HOSA-Future Health Professionals, throughout the year, using a print newsletter, electronic newsletter, or website.

Berks East CTC- AM HOSA                         Berks East CTC- PM HOSA             Laurel Technical Institute
Mastbaum HS – Nursing Hearts               Paul Robeson HS                             Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Freedom
Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Pride

LOCAL ADVISOR RECOGNITION Special recog­nition is given to one outstanding local chapter advisor in Secondary, Postsecondary and Collegiate divisions for his/her commitment to preparing

HOSA-Future Health Professionals.

Secondary – Denise McGaughran, Career Institute of Technology
Postsecondary – Rebecca Romagna, Greater Altoona CTC – Practical Nursing
Collegiate – Dr. Debra Kirchhof-Glazier, Juniata College

NATIONAL HOSA WEEKEncourages students to become contributing members of their commu­nities through activ­ities conducted during HOSA week.

Franklin Learning Center
Matbaum HS – Nursing Hearts
Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Freedom
Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Pride

NATIONAL RECOGNITION PORTFOLIOCreation of a portfolio of evidence of his/her accom­plish­ments which demonstrates the skills, abilities, and attitudes necessary to pursue a career in health care.

Jennifer Hogue – Greene County CTC

NATIONAL SERVICE PROJECT2012–2014 Service Organization: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Encourages Health Science students to provide community service through the adoption of goals and imple­men­tation of strategies related to the support of a national health care organi­zation.

Certificates of Recognition awarded to all chapters who contribute a minimum of $100 and/or 100 hours of community service in partnership with the organi­zation:

Berks East CTC- AM HOSA Berks East CTC- PM HOSA Franklin Learning Center
Hazleton Area Career Center Mastbaum HS – Nursing Hearts
Paul Robeson HS Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Freedom

Certificates of Merit awarded to all chapters who contribute a minimum of $500 and/or 500 hours of community service in partnership with the organi­zation:

Greater Altoona CTC – Practical Nursing Lancaster County CTC

OUTSTANDING HOSA CHAPTER –   Encourages local HOSA chapters to achieve the goals of HOSA by imple­menting a plan of work with a focus on the devel­opment of leadership skills, career oppor­tu­nities, and service learning among chapter members, and to document their achieve­ments in the form of a chapter scrapbook.

Franklin Learning Center

OUTSTANDING STATE LEADERHonors one Outstanding State Leader from each HOSA state associ­ation in recog­nition of the member’s commitment to HOSA and outstanding leadership of his/her state associ­ation.

Marcus Henderson – Franklin Learning Center; 2012–13 PENN HOSA State President


PENN HOSA was recog­nized as one of forty State associ­a­tions for an increase in membership and received a special recog­nition membership award for having the 5th highest membership increase in an estab­lished State Association.  Without the support of our ninety five (95) State HOSA local chapters, their advisors, school admin­is­trators, and community supporters we would not have experi­enced this tremendous growth.  To our 3,401 members we say, “Thank you for making 2012–13 an excep­tional year!”