New Advisor Workshop

Every new local HOSA chapter advisor enters his or her role with concerns and questions about how to organize and run a chapter so the needs of the student members can be met. To assist the new PENN HOSA advisor in becoming more familiar with the HOSA organization, the role of an advisor and ways to establish and maintain a successful chapter, PENN HOSA is here to help!

By offering a one day NEW ADVISOR WORKSHOP we assist our advisors with four or less years of association with HOSA begin the process of what we hope will become a rewarding opportunity for personal and professional growth through HOSA membership. Attendance at this workshop will start you on a gratifying connection with HOSA-Future Health Professionals.

And just like health care is forever evolving, so is HOSA and our ANNUAL ADVISOR WORKSHOP continues to enhance the HOSA learning process for ALL ADVISORS. Subject matter at this workshop differs from the NEW ADVISOR WORKSHOP and we strongly encourage all new advisors to attend both the NEW ADVISOR WORKSHOP and the one day Annual Advisor Workshop which takes place the day following the New Advisor Workshop.

Consider joining us for a day that will foster your involvement with HOSA-Future Health Professionals!


Registration Directions for 2017 New Advisor Workshop
2017 New Advisor Workshop Flyer