State Leadership Conference (SLC)

The PENN HOSA State National Leadership Conference is an oppor­tunity for members to learn from and share with fellow HOSA members from across our state. It’s a time when secondary and post- secondary/collegiate members gather to network, learn, compete, and have fun. Objectives of the State Leadership Conference are:

  • To provide a variety of educa­tional and social learning activ­ities at a state level for our HOSA members.
  • To provide HOSA members the oppor­tunity to share common experi­ences in leadership devel­opment, community service and under­standing of their health science education programs.
  • To provide the oppor­tunity for partic­i­pation in and recog­nition of leadership and skill devel­opment through compet­itive learning activ­ities.
  • To conduct the necessary annual business of the state student organi­zation of PENN HOSA by the state voting delegates and local chapter advisors.


Many exciting learning activ­ities are included in the agenda, such as:

  • Competitive Events. The National Competitive Events Program provides members with numerous oppor­tu­nities for recog­nition of achievement in individual or group compe­tition.
  • Educational Symposia. Several leadership and career devel­opment workshops are conducted at the state conference.
  • Exhibits. Allied health companies, colleges, health care organi­za­tions and fund raising companies are invited to exhibit and share career and insti­tu­tional infor­mation and fundraising ideas with the members and advisors.
  • Special Activities. At least three sessions are conducted in which all state Voting Delegates are in atten­dance. New state officers are elected in the Business Sessions. Social and recre­ational activ­ities are planned for all attendees in an informal atmos­phere.
  • General Sessions. A motivating Opening Session, a Recognition Session that honors Local Chapter and Individual Achievements and the Grand Awards Sessions are all part of the PENN HOSA State Leadership Conference experience.