SLC Report


The 964 registered PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals’ attendees exemplified the 2016-17 HOSA-Future Health Professionals theme of Leadership-Service-Engagement at the 38th PENN HOSA State Leadership Conference (SLC) held March 8-10, 2017 at the Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center. This yearly event continues to offer a plethora of experiences to help our members utilize their Leadership skills, share Service projects performed throughout the year and offer Engagement in activities which foster both personal and professional growth.

DELEGATES – An exclusive group of chapter representatives serving as Voting or Alternate Voting Delegates

Seventy eight (78) Voting Delegates and eleven (11) Alternate Voting Delegates:

  • Screened and elected the 2017-2018 Executive Council.
  • participated in Leadership Development activities; the current State officers held two (2) symposia titled PENN HOSA Leadership Academy (PHLA) 2017 Speaking Your Way to Success , patterned after the national HOSA Washington Leadership Academy (WLA).
  • served on one of four committees, Ceremonial, Bylaws, Leadership Skills and Public. Relations/News Media, and presenting recommendations at the House of Delegates’ Session.
  • voted on issues that come before the assembly.
  • prepared and presenting a chapter report during the Voting Delegates’ Business Session.
  • presented to his/her local chapter an informative report of what transpired at the conference.

2016-2017 PENN HOSA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL – Officer Team leading the members in the current school year and responsible for running the three (3) SLC General Sessions

  • President: Christina Rudderow, Berks CTC-East Campus; Advisors, Lori Mahon and Beverly Brader
  • Vice President:   Kyle Bresnan, Archbishop Wood High School; Advisor Dr. Joseph Gerald Halloran
  • Secretary: Bailey Wright, Carbon Career & Technical Institute; Advisor, Michele Dominic
  • Historian: Jordy Atencia, Franklin Learning Center; Advisor, Jessica Way


Officer Coordinator: Maureen Longenecker, Berks Career and Technology Center-West Campus, local chapter advisor
Officer Coordinator Intern: Jessica Way, Franklin Learning Center, local chapter advisor
Assistant to the Officer Coordinator: Marcus Henderson, 2012-2013 PENN HOSA State President

2017-2018 PENN HOSA EXECUTIVE COUNCILA selective group of individuals elected by the Voting Delegates and charged with the task of fulfilling the goals and mission of PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals

  • President: Amanda Dlugaszewski, TCHS Pickering Campus; Advisor, Donna Karkoska
  • Vice President:   Alexandria Carpenter, Lebanon County CTC; Advisor, Rene Gehman
  • Secretary: Morgan Rutter, TCHS Pickering Campus; Advisor, Donna Karkoska


Officer Coordinator: Marcus Henderson, immediate past Assistant to Officer Coordinator and 2012-2013 PENN HOSA State President

EVENT ASSISTANTSStudents assisting the Event Managers, role playing a patient/victim for a Skill Event, helping in various positions with advisors or working as a liaison between Conference Headquarters and Tabulations

Event Assistant Coordinator: Cindy Heil, Lehigh CTI, local chapter Advisor

  • Forty two (42) registered student members served in one or more of the above roles.
  • An Event Assistant’s responsibility begins at the event orientation and concludes when dismissed by the conference personnel.

COMPETITIONTwo intense days where secondary and postsecondary individual or team competitors test their skills and knowledge with the goal of receiving recognition. Competition helps bring about a competitor’s best effort by inspiring creativity and challenging the competitor to utilize his/her skills to the best of his/her ability.

Co-Director of Competitive Events: Dolores Homan
Competitive Event Leadership Committee (CELC) Category Chairs: Michele Dominic, Carbon CTI; Lori Mattis, Lebanon County CTC; Denise McGaughran, Career Institute of Technology; Kelly Ruth
Tabulations Coordinator: Kay Deaner
Tabulations Team: Kathleen Bollinger; Jean Bonneville; Kay Boyer; Barb Tobias; Paige Wierich

  • Forty nine (49) health related competitive events offered 722 secondary and twenty seven (27) postsecondary/collegiate student members the prospect of receiving a medal and/or a trophy at the Grand Awards Session.
  • Approximately 115 volunteer judges and sixty (60) local chapter advisors serving as Event Managers assisted in making the competitive events portion of the conference more successful.
  • More details are found in the section under General Sessions, Grand Awards Session in this report.

EXHIBITORSSLC creates a prime opportunity for exhibitors to make strong impressions.

Exhibitor Coordinator: Cindy Heil, Lehigh CTI, local chapter advisor

  • Eighteen (18) educational, product knowledge and fundraising company representatives introduced the attendees to their areas of expertise.
  • Exhibitors spent a fulfilling day interacting with our members and guests while sharing valuable information.
  • The networking with the exhibitors gave our conference attendees the experience of developing their soft skills while enjoying an exchange of information.
  • From one of our first-time exhibitors, “I have attended various other student events but I find your students to be the most engaging group of young, polite and genuinely interested students. What a refreshing day this is becoming.”

SYMPOSIANine (9) hour-long educational symposia allowing attendees engagement in a variety of topics of interest

Symposia Coordinator: Donna Karkoska, TCHS Pickering Campus, local chapter advisor

  • “Insurance 101 for Teen Drivers”

Presenter: David Buono, Consumer Liaison, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department

Teens often hear about the physical risks of bad driving, but little emphasis is placed on the financial pain not-so-smart decisions can cause. Three parts comprised the presentation: lecture to define basic insurance terms, a demonstration of how to request a quote, and the interactive “It’s Your Choice” insurance-smart decision making game. Student participants received a certificate for their participation at this symposium.

  • “What Does It Mean to be a Professional Health Care Provider?”

Presenter: Virginia Randall, MD MPH COL MC USA (ret), Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Students defined their view of what it means to be a professional and collaboratively developed a consensus document with a list of characteristics of a professional.

  • “Minding Your Mind”

Presenter: Melissa Hopely Rice, Public Speaker, Author of “The People You Meet in Real Life”

With the focus of this year’s National Service Project on mental health, students experienced a personal story of someone who has faced mental health challenges throughout her life. The truth is everyone you meet in life has a story and sometimes we are so afraid that others will judge us because of the details of our story. This presentation offered an understanding that no one is alone and that help is available for any trial and tribulations you are going through.   Students were inspired by the incredible stories of the people Melissa has met throughout her life and gained some “tools” to use in their daily lives and while working in the healthcare field.

  • “#H8TheW8: Hate the Wait? – Engaging youth leaders to advocate to save lives”

Presenters: Alice Uhrich MSN, RN, M.Ed., NCSN, Certified School Nurse Twin Valley High School; Dwendy Johnson, CVA Community Relations, Supervisor Gift of Life Donor Program; Sue C. Howes OTDA Project Coordinator Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

Waiting in line for anything can be frustrating. Do you like waiting for your favorite coffee or in the school lunch line? Did you know that nearly 120,000 people have an even bigger wait? They are waiting for something to save their life. They are waiting for an organ or tissue donation. For many this gift of life doesn’t come in time. Did you know that every 18 hours someone in our state dies waiting for a life-saving organ or tissue transplant? Students and advisors learned the facts to dispel the myths about organ donation, and how to educate peers and the community to help save and enhance lives. Advisors also learned how to apply for a mini grant up to $5,000 which includes curriculum resources.

  • I’m in Your Hands, Keep Me Safe: Healthcare Mistakes and Legal Implications

Presenter: Lillian Dixon, MHA, BSN, LNC, NE-BC

The “culture of safety” resonates throughout all aspects of healthcare yet the number of errors occurring in healthcare continue to impact patient lives. This presentation gave current facts surrounding the increasing number of medical mistakes, the most common errors, defensive care for patient safety for the healthcare provider, and an overview of the legalities of negligence and malpractice using case presentations.

Student participants received a certificate and Registered Nurses received one (1) CE upon completion of the entire presentation and evaluation.

  • “Mental Illness and Depression Awareness”

Presenters: Jennie Maike, Clinical & Practice Consultant; Malissa Connors, Clinical & Practice Consultant; assisted by Beth Wilkins

Targeting awareness on depression in this symposium attendees learned the differences of the disease states that are under the umbrella of Mental Illness and the effects on the individual person and our population as a whole. Treatments available and increasing public awareness for patients in need helped to round out the presentation.

  • “The Road to Medical School”

Presenter: 2d Lt Elizabeth Okonek, 4th year Medical Student USUHS

You’ve decided you want to be a doctor, now what? The path to medical school has many steps and unfortunately doesn’t happen overnight. Knowing what types of degrees, extracurricular activities and tests are required helped prepare students for the road ahead and provide advisors the necessary information to help counsel students about their future career. The symposium included a discussion on what happens during the four years at medical school, including personal experiences from a 4th year medical student at America’s only Military Medical School.

  • 2016-17 PENN HOSA Leadership Academy: Speak Your Way to Success”

Presenters: PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals 2016-2017 Executive Council

Nervous with public speaking? Want to put yourself out of your comfort zone? “Speak Your Way to Success” enabled students to develop and polish leadership skills while having fun and meeting people from across Pennsylvania. Student participants were presented with a certificate for their participation at this symposium.

  • Teaching and Learning for Success with the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System

Presenter: Dean Vaughn, President, Dean Vaughn Learning Systems, Inc., and author of The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™, published by Peterson’s®, a Nelnet® company.

When it comes to medical terminology, students could be drowning in a sea of complex vocabulary– even if the instructor tried EVERYTHING he/she could think of to make the content stick! With the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™ there’s no need to work so hard! This unique program of instruction makes it easy for students to learn and remember thousands of medical terms – without notes, homework, or the monotony of repetition – while helping to maximize valuable classroom time. Advisors and student members joined in this fun and interactive session and saw how the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™ works when applied to teaching and learning the language of medicine, basic human anatomy, and even some fundamentals of dental education.

GENERAL SESSIONSThree (3) meaningful and interactive conference activities when everyone gathers to support each other

Conference Photographer: Charles Burckhardt, Central Montco Technical HS, local chapter advisor

  • Opening Session – Setting the pace for an exciting conference this session sets the initial scene for the officer team to demonstrate efficiency, professionalism and creativity. Highlights of the session included:
    • A slide show presentation by the Historian brought rounds of cheers as chapter photos appeared on the screen.
    • Kathleen Bello, PENN HOSA, Inc., Board Chair, and Janet Nelson, PENN HOSA Executive Director/State Advisor brought encouraging words based on the HOSA theme Leadership-Service-Engagement.
    • Keynote Speaker Eva Grayzel, a nationally recognized Master Storyteller and performance artist who was diagnosed at age 33 with stage IV oral cancer, shared her touching story of how she became a survivor after given a 15% chance of survival. To the delight of the audience Eva engaged some PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals members in her break dancing routine during the conclusion of her inspirational and touching presentation.
    • Officer Candidates gave excellent campaign speeches.
    • The officers invited the audience to the International Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida through an original skit.
  • Recognition Session – Held to bring acknowledgement to individuals and chapters for their accomplishments with PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals and HOSA-Future Health Professionals. Highlights of this session included:
    • A slideshow prepared by the Conference Photographer captured the early moments of SLC
    • Kathleen Bello, PENN HOSA, Inc., Board Chair, spoke about the importance of each person’s role at the conference and gave further words of encouragement.
    • Grace Vazquez, Country Meadows Director of Career Outreach and Penn HOSA Foundation Board Member spoke about the Penn HOSA Foundation’s awarding of $75,000 in scholarship money since its inception in 1997 and encouraged eligible members to apply for the 2016-17 scholarship.
    • Certificates of Recognition awarded for:

Certificate Coordinator: Denise McGaughran, Career Institute of Technology, local chapter Advisor

  • 100% Chapter Membership (57 chapters)
  • Barbara James Service Award for Volunteering 50+ hours (41 student members)
  • Charters presented to new chapters affiliating with HOSA-Future Health Professionals (6)
  • HOSA Happenings: Multimedia Chapter Communications Event (4 chapters)
  • National Service Project- National Association on Mental Illness (NAMI) (10 chapters)
  • Penn HOSA Foundation Scholarship Donations (30 chapters); Grace Vazquez, Country Meadows Director of Career Outreach and Penn HOSA Foundation Board Member, presented certificates
  • Years of Service Appreciation pins awarded to:




Scott Bartholomew Carbon Career & Technical Institute


Karen Finkelstein Kensington Health Science Academy


Lonnie Rodgers Andrews Kensington Health Science Academy-Dental Achievers


Tammy Rubino Monroe Career & Technical Institute-Gold


Diann Stoume Delaware County Technical High School-Diamond


Olga Torres Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS


Denise McGaughran Career Institute of Technology


Maureen Longenecker Berks CTC-West


  • Outstanding State Leader Award – Elected by her fellow officer team Christina Rudderow, State President, Berks CTC-East Campus received this honor. Presented annually this award recognizes one officer for his/her commitment to HOSA and outstanding leadership during time in office. Christina will attend the 40th HOSA International Leadership Conference (ILC) and be recognized on the international level for her leadership skills.
  • Outstanding HOSA Advisor Secondary Division –Lori Mattis, local chapter advisor from Lebanon County CTC HCT HOSA received this recognition. She will also receive recognition at the 40th International Leadership Conference in Florida.
  • Retirement recognition to Dolores and Cal Homan for their many years of leadership, service, commitment and passion shown to PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals and HOSA-Future Health Professionals on the local, state and national levels, especially in the area of competitive events.
  • Grand Awards Session – The culminating session to recognize the competitors’ efforts. Highlights of this session included:

Grand Awards Announcer: Gerald Witmer, Administrative Director Reading Muhlenberg CTC

  • Our Conference Photographer produced a second creative and beautiful slide show which gave attendees another look at what occurred during the first two (2) conference days
  • A comprehensive listing of all winners can be found on our State Website at org Events       State Leadership Conference (SLC)       PENN HOSA Event Winners
  • All competitive event winners are eligible to attend the 40th HOSA International Leadership Conference (ILC) in Orlando, June 21-24, 2017.
    • At the ILC Pennsylvania will sponsor the competitive event of Job Seeking Skills and state event personnel will be assigned to participate in the event process.
    • Our 2017-2018 Executive Council members, student members and local chapter advisors have registered to attend various Leadership Universities offered at the ILC.


PLANNED LEISURE ACTIVITIESAll work and no play can make for a long conference

  • Bingo
    Bingo caller: Bev Brader, Berks CTC-East Campus, local chapter advisor
    Local chapter advisors assisted in the distribution of cards and the awarding of the gorgeous bingo baskets to the winners

    • Now in its 14th year this fun activity brings together the creativity of chapters’ basket donations distributed during the hour-long Bingo games.
    • Even the advisors have an opportunity to win baskets.
  • Dancin’ to the 80’s
    Chairman: Diann Stoume, Delaware County Technical HS-Folcroft, local chapter advisor
    Committee members: local chapter advisors Cindy Heil, Lehigh CTI; Dr. Jerry Halloran, Archbishop Wood HS; Jorja Darby, Universal Audenried Charter HS; Kathy Glacken, Central Montco Technical HS;
    Kristin Applegate, Lehigh CTI; Melodie Bloszinsky, Bethlehem AVTS; Monica Millio, Delaware Co. Technical HS-Folcroft; Olga Torres, Mastbaum AVT School; Tami Bruni, Butler Co. AVTS; Rosemary Barakat, Delaware Co. Technical HS-Aston; Susan Wienand, Delaware Co. Technical HS-Aston; Mary Beth Murray, Delaware Co. Technical HS-Aston
    DJ: Harshit Agarwal, HOSA student member from University of Pittsburgh HOSA

    • In a ballroom decorated with 80’s décor students and advisors enthusiastically showed off their dancing moves to music of the 80’s and a variety of line dances.
    • An 80’s themed photo booth had members snapping IPhone shots to add to the conference memories.
    • In a booth manned by the State Officers and financially supported by the members at the dance, $150.00 was raised for the National Service Project with NAMI by selling ice pops during a challenge called “Freeze Mental Illness”.

A WORD OF THANKS – There are so many individuals and groups who helped PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals experience another successful State Leadership Conference. To these individuals we offer our sincere gratitude and extend our deepest appreciation to the following:

  • Administrators for supporting HOSA-Future Health Professionals activities for members and advisors throughout the entire year and approved their attendance at the conference;
  • School support staff for working with the advisors and students;
  • PDE staff members for continuing support of PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals throughout this year;
  • PENN HOSA, Inc. Board Chairman for performing a variety of assignments during the conference;
  • PENN HOSA, Inc., Board members for offering supportive, innovative ideas to keep us moving forward;
  • Seven (7) PENN HOSA, Inc., Board Regional Advisors who ran efficient regional meetings during the Corporate Meeting to help local chapter advisors have input into how PENN HOSA- Future Health Professionals can help them be even more successful;
  • PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals local chapter advisors for leading by example when the going gets challenging And at times even stressful;
  • Local chapter advisors for exemplifying the HOSA motto as they, in the classroom and during the conference, enhanced the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science technology education students, therefore, helping students to meet the needs of the health care community;
  • Student members who chose to participate in the conference and received so many compliments from the hotel staff members and exhibitors for their professional appearance and politeness; you continue to make your advisors, schools, parents and PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals extremely proud!!;
  • Cumberland Perry AVTS Horticulture instructor and students for the beautiful boutonnieres and corsages for the officers, roses for the advisor recognition, and for manning a flower stand at the conference;
  • Cumberland Perry Warehouse instructor and students for storing our competitive event boxes;
  • Our Treasurer for handling the financial aspects of the conference;
  • Executive Council team and their Officer Coordinator, Officer Coordinator Intern and Assistant to the Officer Coordinator for greeting members and guests and conducting successful sessions, committee meetings and symposia;
  • Advisors to the Executive Council team for supporting their respective officer throughout the year and especially during this conference;
  • Eighty six (86) advisors and twenty two (22) chaperones who took their roles seriously and supervised the students;
  • School Directors, Penn HOSA Foundation, Inc. Board members and special honored guests attending our sessions;
  • Co-Director of Competitive Events for outstanding preparation and follow through of a successful competitive events’ component of the conference;
  • Category Chairs on the Competitive Events Leadership Committee for your commitment and support before, during and after the conference;
  • Sixty+ (60+) local chapter advisors serving as Event Managers; without your support and willingness to share your expertise, time and talents our competitors would not have the opportunity to experience competition on this level;
  • Three (3) student members who sang the National Anthem respectfully and beautifully at two (2) of our General Sessions and helped lead the entire delegation in God Bless America;
  • Three (3) officer candidates and their advisors who assisted and supported them throughout the application process;
  • Three (3) volunteers in Headquarters who assisted our attendees “behind the scene”;
  • Five (5) volunteer personnel and one (1) Tabulations Coordinator for running Tabulations;
  • Two (2) Competitive Events Set-up personnel;
  • One (1) PDE Program Specialist;
  • Special contributors to our corporate meeting;
  • Several alumni members assisting in various roles;
  • 115 volunteer judges for the competitive event competitions;
  • Keynote Speaker and Special Speakers at our sessions;
  • Grand Awards announcer for being enthusiastic, encouraging and flexible in his role;
  • Conference photographer for taking photos and producing memorable conference videos;
  • Coordinator of Exhibitors and Event Assistants;
  • Coordinator of the many symposia;
  • Event Assistants serving in the innovative position of Symposia Ambassadors;
  • Certificate Coordinator;
  • Manager of our HOSA store and students volunteering to “man” the store;
  • Bingo announcer;
  • Dance Committee members;
  • Conference Registrar & Tabulations Coordinator;
  • Educational and product knowledge exhibitors;
  • Everyone who served as a presenter during one of the educational symposia;
  • The very helpful staff at the Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center for working tirelessly to meet our needs during this time of renovations;
  • Every PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals member who will attend ILC and represent their chapters and State as they compete against the elite on the international scene;
  • Anyone who volunteered to assist “in any way possible”!

What does it mean to be a member of the only Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) that is 100% health care related? For the 964 registered attendees at our 38th PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals State Leadership Conference it meant an opportunity to enhance their Leadership skills, show pride in all of the Service projects performed at the local chapter level, and a time where their Engagement in a conference mirroring the ILC afforded them opportunities and memories to last a life time.

HOSA’s Mission Statement, “To empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration and experience” offers these challenges:

  • If you are a current member of HOSA-Future Health Professionals continue making memories through active involvement in your chapter and if you want to step outside your comfort zone start making plans now to attend PENN HOSA’s 39th State Leadership Conference and experience first-hand what HOSA-Future Health Professionals is all about!
  • As an Alumni, if you are planning to attend a postsecondary/collegiate educational facility and want to continue your HOSA experience by starting a chapter at the school contact Janet Nelson @
  • If you do not have a HOSA chapter at your school and want to become involved in this awesome student organization contact Janet Nelson @