JUNE 26 – 29, 2013

With 7,500 students, advisors, judges and guests; 5,257 competitors in fifty six (56) health science-related events in four (4) off-site locations; sixty two (62) health-related workshops; the announcement of the 150,000th HOSA member; eleven (11) summer HOSA interns selected by the Office of the Surgeon General; and the awarding of $71,000.00 in scholarships, this year’s outstanding National Leadership Conference (NLC) proved to be the largest and best-ever in the history of HOSA-Future Health Professionals! And the 191 PENN HOSA students, advisors, family and guests shared in this memorable conference experience!

To all of the excitement, Opening Session Keynote Speaker, Dr. Ben Carson, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, author of Gifted Hands and Think Big, motivated, inspired and moved his listeners as he shared his remarkable journey from growing up in a single parent home where dire poverty, poor grades, a horrible temper and low self-esteem appeared to hinder his goal of becoming a physician. Despite this challenging background he persevered to become the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery for over a quarter of a century.   His better known accomplishments include the first and only successful separation of craniopagus (Siamese) twins joined at the back of the head IN 1987,the first completely successful separation of type-2 vertical craniopagus twins in 1997 in South Africa, and the first successful placement of an intrauterine shunt for a hydrocephalic twin.  Our PENN HOSA delegation left the session realizing that “impossible hopes can become joyous realities”.

In order to accommodate the intense and tiring schedule offered at the conference, we held our State meeting at 9:00 am the morning of June 26th.  This interactive, informative meeting served to better prepare our students and advisors to begin their participation in the myriad of opportunities that awaited them.  Under the leadership of the four (4) State Officers in attendance, our members had an engaging fun time learning the names of many of the PENN HOSA members.  With all thirty six (36) registered chapters well represented at this meeting, it proved to us that having a meeting in the morning was much better than having one at 10:00 pm in the evening!

Marcus Henderson, PENN HOSA 2012-13 State President from Franklin Learning Center, shared with the group his thoughts about running for a National Office.  Marcus passed the written exam and progressed to the interview portion of the process and was slated on the ballot for the position of National HOSA Region III Vice President.  While not achieving the results we all hoped for with this election, PENN HOSA wishes Marcus much success as he begins his pursuit of becoming an RN at the University of Pennsylvania. His outstanding leadership skills will serve him well in his future!

When our students weren’t competing or attending a general session or participating in three (3) HOSA Leadership Universities for members, local chapter officers and state officers, or serving as Courtesy Corps or Voting Delegates, they took part in activities such as line dancing, tours through Nashville, and pin trading which brought members together from different parts of the country.

Pennsylvania HOSA is proud to recognize our members receiving recognition and medals for their outstanding performances:

Gold Personal Care Jordan Noel Delaware Co. Technical HS – Gold
Bronze Home Health Aide Glendalis Guadarrama TCHS – Pennocks Bridge
4th Place CPR/FIRST AID Nicole Butz & Kristen Fisher Lehigh CTI-Emerging Health-Blue Team
5th Place Personal Care Morgan Ashmore Delaware Co. Technical HS- Ruby
7th Place Medical Reading Jena Spillane Berks CTC-West-Sunset
7th Place Speaking Skills Aisha Gardner Martin Luther King High School
9th Place Interviewing Skills Mark Osborne Delaware Co. Technical HS- Ruby
10th Place EMT Khalil Blount & Mike Jones-Betters Randolph Academy – Fire Science
Gold Biotechnology Candace Hummel Laurel Technical Institute
Bronze Medical Reading Patti Wolford Laurel Technical Institute
4th Place Medical Spelling Nicole Reda Laurel Technical Institute
5th Place Extemporaneous Health Poster Megan Patton Laurel Technical Institute
6th Place Knowledge Test Nutrition Jessica Roche Laurel Technical Institute


BARBARA JAMES SERVICE AWARDEncourages Health Science students to become contributing members of their communities by performing community service. ***all members completing 100 or more hours of community service also earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award

***Alexis Wyeth – Archbishop Wood HS
***Casey Dolan – Archbishop Wood High School
***Lauren Pickrell – Carbon Career &Technical Institute
***Leesa Perkins – Franklin Learning Center
***Marcus Henderson – Franklin Learning Center
***Sydney Sherman – Archbishop Wood High School

HEALTH CARE ISSUES EXAMEncourages Health Science students to investigate, analyze and apply their knowledge of current healthcare-related issues. This event is in the form of a 50 item multiple choice test.

Secondary Student Mastery Level Recipient – Megan Enos – Lehigh CTI- Emerging Health Blue Team

Postsecondary, First Place– Candace Hummel- Laurel Technical Institute (this is the 2nd time that a HOSA member from Laurel Technical Institute earned this honor)

HOSA HAPPENINGSA communication event about the HOSA chapter presented in a manner that celebrates the chapter members and their achievements, as well as shares information with readers that is health science-related.  Chapters tell the story of their chapter of HOSA-Future Health Professionals, throughout the year, using a print newsletter, electronic newsletter, or website.

Berks East CTC- AM HOSA
Berks East CTC- PM HOSA
Laurel Technical Institute
Mastbaum HS – Nursing Hearts
Paul Robeson HS
Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Freedom
Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Pride

LOCAL ADVISOR RECOGNITION Special recognition is given to one outstanding local chapter advisor in Secondary, Postsecondary and Collegiate divisions for his/her commitment to preparing HOSA-Future Health Professionals.

Secondary – Denise McGaughran, Career Institute of Technology
Postsecondary – Rebecca Romagna, Greater Altoona CTC – Practical Nursing
Collegiate – Dr. Debra Kirchhof-Glazier, Juniata College

NATIONAL HOSA WEEKEncourages students to become contributing members of their communities through activities conducted during HOSA week.

Franklin Learning Center Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Freedom
Matbaum HS – Nursing Hearts Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Pride

NATIONAL RECOGNITION PORTFOLIOCreation of a portfolio of evidence of his/her accomplishments which demonstrates the skills, abilities, and attitudes necessary to pursue a career in health care.

Jennifer Hogue – Greene County CTC

NATIONAL SERVICE PROJECT2012-2014 Service Organization: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Encourages Health Science students to provide community service through the adoption of goals and implementation of strategies related to the support of a national health care organization.

Certificates of Recognition awarded to all chapters who contribute a minimum of $100 and/or 100 hours of community service in partnership with the organization:

Berks East CTC- AM HOSA
Berks East CTC- PM HOSA
Franklin Learning Center
Hazleton Area Career Center
Mastbaum HS – Nursing Hearts
Paul Robeson HS
Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Freedom

Certificates of Merit awarded to all chapters who contribute a minimum of $500 and/or 500 hours of community service in partnership with the organization:

Greater Altoona CTC – Practical Nursing
Lancaster County CTC

OUTSTANDING HOSA CHAPTER –   Encourages local HOSA chapters to achieve the goals of HOSA by implementing a plan of work with a focus on the development of leadership skills, career opportunities, and service learning among chapter members, and to document their achievements in the form of a chapter scrapbook.

Franklin Learning Center

OUTSTANDING STATE LEADERHonors one Outstanding State Leader from each HOSA state association in recognition of the member’s commitment to HOSA and outstanding leadership of his/her state association.

Marcus Henderson – Franklin Learning Center; 2012-13 PENN HOSA State President

NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTSHOSA awarded $71,000.00 in scholarships to members across the Nation. 

Stephanie Savage – TCHS-Pennocks Bridge; $1,000.00
Alev Erhan – North Montco Technical Career Center; $1,000.00

Every year National HOSA assigns a competitive event to a State chapter to “sponsor” (AKA “run”) @ NLC

  • For the NLC 2013 Pennsylvania was assigned to “run” the competitive event of Medical Spelling
  • Listed below are the assignments for the required personnel for the event
Event Manager (EM) Tracy Schliep Laurel Technical Institute (LTI)
Quality Assurance (QA) AnneMarie McCauley TCHS Pennocks Bridge
Section Leader Rosemary Barakat DCTS- Folcroft
Donna Dietrich TCHS- Pickering
Time Keeper Jessica Roche LTI Advisor: Tracy Schliep
Holding Room Karen Holcombe Berks CTC West
Moderator (pronouncer) Paula Listopad Laurel Technical Institute
Proctors (written test) Keith Davis A. Phillip Randolph Career & Technical HS
Mary Barr Lancaster Co. CTC
Elaine Stanton Erie City Schools
Diann Hopely DCTS-Folcroft
Darlene Chester-Fowler Mastbaum HS
Dottie Randler SUN Area Technical Institute
Event Assistants Miah Brooks, PENN HOSA  President Monroe CTI Advisor: Joann Gomez
Kristina Johnson, PENN HOSA W. Region VP MBIT Advisor Marsha Moyer
Mayra Sanchez, PENN HOSA  Historian TCHS Pickering Advisor: Donna Dietrich
Local Chapter Member Lyndsey Wasser, PENN HOSA  Secretary MBIT Advisor Marsha Moyer
Local Chapter Member Kara Misero TCHS Pickering Advisor: Donna Dietrich
Amanda Parke Berks CTC – East AM chapter Advisor: Maureen Longenecker


SECONDARY VOTING DELEGATES: PENN HOSA Executive Council members in attendance:

Miah Brooks, President – Monroe Career & Technical Institute
Kristina Johnson, Western Region Vice President – Middle Bucks Institute of Technology
Lyndsey Wasser, Secretary – Middle Bucks Institute for Technology
Mayra Sanchez, Historian – TCHS Pickering

FLAG BEARER AT OPENING SESSION: Miah Brooks, PENN HOSA President – Monroe Career & Technical Institute

GENERAL SESSION COURTESY CORPS: members assigned to check attendees’ attire before being admitted to the general sessions

Connie Price, Central Montco Technical HS
Edwin Torres, Mastbaum HS
Marsha Moyer, Middle Bucks Institute of Technology



Gina Bocella, Middle Bucks Institute of Technology
Tracey Petty, Martin Luther King HS

COURTESY CORPS: noncompeting members who are assigned by National HOSA to various duties throughout the conference week

Sarah Puhn, Edward Bok Kara Misero, TCHS Pickering
Shannon Mancini, Franklin Learning Center Takena Rainey-Sadler, Mastbaum HOSA Striders
Aisha Gardner, Martin Luther King HS Elisa Selmani, Del. Co. Tech.
Jaeluv Sequiont, Cheyenne Green, Faithia Gibson, Carmen Rodriquez, & Nyiesha Hayes, Mastbaum Nursing Hearts


PENN HOSA was recognized as one of forty State associations for an increase in membership and received a special recognition membership award for having the 5th highest membership increase in an established State Association.  Without the support of our ninety five (95) State HOSA local chapters, their advisors, school administrators, and community supporters we would not have experienced this tremendous growth.  To our 3,401 members we say, “Thank you for making 2012-13 an exceptional year!”

As we begin a new school year we look forward to continuing our work with our student members, local chapter advisors, and the staff at the participating schools because as PENN HOSA recognizes,  and in the spirit of our 2013-14 National Theme:

HOSA-The Future Starts Now