Memorable experience; friend­ships; educa­tional; fun; food; learning; stressful; engaging; these are just a few of the words that PENN HOSA students responded with when asked about their recent experience at our 36th PENN HOSA State Leadership Conference (SLC) held March 11–13 at the Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center.  The yearly conference is held to offer multiple experi­ences to all attendees that will help in their personal and profes­sional growth.

Our 815 secondary students and thirty two (32) postsec­ondary students regis­tered to serve in one of three capac­ities; Chapter Voting/Alternate Delegates; Event Assistants; Competitors.  The ninety one (91) Delegates were chosen to represent their local chapters at the State Leadership Conference.  The delegates are an exclusive group and have the following respon­si­bil­ities at the conference:

  1. Screening and electing state officers for the following year
  2. Participating in Leadership Development activ­ities; the current State officers held two (2) symposia
  3. Serving on one of four committees, Ceremonial, Bylaws,  Leadership Skills and Public Relations/News Media, and presenting  recom­men­da­tions at the House of Delegates’ Session
  4. Voting on issues that may come before the assembly
  5. Presenting a chapter report during the Voting Delegates’ Business Session
  6. Upon return to class, presenting to his/her local chapter an infor­mative report of what transpired at the conference

The Delegates elected the following officers to serve as the 2015–16 PENN HOSA Executive Council team:

President:  Keerthana Samanthapudi, North Allegheny Intermediate High School, Advisor Robyn Kulchock

Vice President:   James Babinetz, Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, Advisor Marsha Moyer

Central Regional Vice President:  Kyle Bresnan, Archbishop Wood High School, Advisor Louise Ciabarra

Eastern Regional Vice President:  Steven Filby, Berks Career & Technology Center-East, Advisor Maureen Longenecker

Western Regional Vice President: Bailey Wright, Carbon Career & Technical Institute, Advisor, Michele Dominic

Secretary:  Maria Ortiz Ortiz, TCHS Pennock’s Bridge, Advisor AnneMarie McCauley

Historian:  Destiny Davalos, Mastbaum High School, Advisor Olga Torres

Serving as the Officer Coordinator is Maureen Longenecker, local chapter advisor from Berks Career and Technology Center-East Campus.  Marcus Henderson, 2012–2013 PENN HOSA State President, serves as the Assistant to the Officer Coordinator.

Forty four (44) student members served as Event Assistants.  An Event Assistant either assists the Event Manager or role plays a patient/victim for a Skill Event or helps in various positions with advisors or works as a liaison between Conference Headquarters and Tabulations.  An Event Assistant’s respon­si­bility begins at the event orien­tation and concludes when dismissed by the conference personnel.

Two intense days occurred during which the secondary and postsec­ondary competitors tested their skills and knowledge in one of the forty six (46) health related compet­itive events offered.  These events presented our members the chance to compete as individuals or collab­o­ra­tively as teams.  Additionally 116 competitors also regis­tered to take the Healthcare Issues Exam.  The culmi­nation of the competitors’ efforts was realized at the Grand Awards Session.  A compre­hensive listing of all winners is attached with this report.  All compet­itive event winners are eligible to attend the 38th HOSA National Leadership Conference (NLC) in Anaheim, California, June 24–27, 2015. At the NLC Pennsylvania will sponsor the compet­itive event of Home Health Aide and state event personnel will be assigned to partic­ipate in the event process.  As a member of the HOSA National Competitive Event Leadership team, PENN HOSA Executive Director/State Advisor Janet Nelson will complete her eighth year of involvement where she holds the position of Chairperson for the Health Science and Recognition Events.  Several of our state officers, members and local chapter advisors have regis­tered to attend various Leadership Universities offered at the NLC.

Eighteen (18) educa­tional, product knowledge and fundraising company repre­sen­ta­tives intro­duced the attendees to their areas of expertise.  Traveling from as far away as Indiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, and as close as Hershey, State College, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Oakdale, Pennsylvania, the exhibitors spent a full day inter­acting with our members and guests while sharing valuable infor­mation.  The networking with the exhibitors gave our conference attendees the experience of devel­oping their commu­ni­cation and leadership skills while enjoying an exchange of infor­mation.

Eight (8) one-hour long educa­tional symposia with a wide array of topics offered a myriad of choices to our attendees.  Symposia opened to both students and advisors included:

A Recipe for Living”, presented by Kathleen Bello, PENN HOSA, Inc., Board Chair, offered the partic­i­pants, through an infor­mative and hopeful documentary, the chance to hear Kathy’s personal and poignant story that began 29 years ago with her diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Becoming a State Officer 101”, presented by our current PENN HOSA State Officers, revealed what it’s like to be a State officer as each officer shared his/her experi­ences about running for State office, being elected and their duties and respon­si­bil­ities in a fun and engaging way.

Break the Ice”, presented by our current PENN HOSA State Officers, involved the partic­i­pants in several ice breakers that were a sure-fire way to get people mingling and would work to put some energy into their next HOSA chapter meetings.

The Friendly Side of Technology”, presented by Diane Yeager, CEO of EHR Tutor, exposed the partic­i­pants to Student Engagement in a Changing World: Using Academic EHRs, Polling and Online Activities! Advisors were engaged in activ­ities that can be used in their class­rooms and labs.

Memory Power for Health Education”, presented by Dean Vaughn, Author, DCM/Instructional Systems and President, Dean Vaughn Learning Systems, Inc., published by Peterson’s®, a Nelnet® company., offered partic­i­pants methods to memorize material and the ability to apply it to all phases of occupa­tional and profes­sional achievement.   Dean Vaughn is the world’s leading author of applied memory programs for a wide range of subjects. His total retention courses for allied health education have revolu­tionized the teaching of medical termi­nology and basic human anatomy.

Fundamentals of Dental Education – The Anatomy of a Tooth”, presented by Bob Maddestra Jr., M.A.Ed., National Sales Director, Peterson’s, a Nelnet Company, intro­duced partic­i­pants to the Fundamentals of Dental Education and taught how to learn and easily remember the names and locations of the parts of a tooth. The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™ is a highly effective system of instruction that accom­mo­dates multiple learning styles and teaches students how to remember course content.

Essential Spanish Vocabulary for Health Occupations and Professions” was the second symposium presented by Dean Vaughn.  Dean intro­duced his newest applied memory course, Essential Spanish Vocabulary for Health Occupations and Professions, where students and advisors partic­i­pated in a segment of the program and learned one new Spanish word per minute! This course is incredibly valuable for everyone in the healthcare field because by knowing the 400 Spanish vocab­ulary words presented in the program, the employee’s value to any employer will be dramat­i­cally enhanced!

Resources and Technology to Design and Develop Engaging Lessons”, presented by Ernie Wake from Training Masters, instructed advisors/educators how to create presen­ta­tions for use with the Classroom Remote Response Systems using ready-made templates. Advisors/educators learned how to embed questions in their instruction in order to: increase student engagement, review, assess, and validate that learning has occurred. Benefits reaped from the presen­tation included learning how to create presen­ta­tions for use in the classroom to help students prepare for their end of program assessment known as the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute Assessment (NOCTI), how to create a databank of questions for use with the KlickerZ system and how to record student perfor­mance and use results to guide instruction.

Our Opening Session saw new initia­tives by the Executive Council team as they designed a stage set that contributed to a more profes­sional appearance and presented the officers oppor­tu­nities to run the session with efficiency, profes­sion­alism and creativity.  Contributing encour­aging words based on the National theme of HOSA:LEAD! were Kathleen Bello, PENN HOSA, Inc., Board Chair, and Janet Nelson, PENN HOSA Executive Director/State Advisor.   Our Keynote Speaker, Ryan Moran, engaged the assembly of HOSA members and guests as he shared an inspi­ra­tional message centered on “The POSSE”. POSSE is an acronym (be Positive, be Open, be Sincere, have Spirit, and don’t be Exclusive) that gives students a way of thinking and behaving that will allow them to make their school, community, organi­zation, etc. a better place. And ten (10) officer candi­dates gave their campaign speeches before the members were dismissed to attend compet­itive event orien­ta­tions and committee meetings.

The purpose of the Recognition Session is to bring acknowl­edgement to individuals and chapters for their accom­plish­ments with HOSA-Future Health Professionals.  At this session three (3) speakers addressed issues pertinent to the members.  Margaret Rivello, Penn HOSA Foundation Board Chair, shared infor­mation about the schol­ar­ships being awarded by the Foundation.  Hannah Reagan, Campaign Manager, School & Youth, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Eastern PA Chapter, spoke about the work the Society is doing to make their theme of “Someday is Today” become a reality of finding more cures for blood cancers.  And Sarah Park, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 2014 Girl of the Year, spoke candidly about her diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and how this has made her more passionate to help others with the same condition.  These presen­ta­tions helped our members under­stand more about our HOSA National Service Project with LLS.  A monetary donation in excess of $200.00 was presented to Hannah from the local chapter advisors.

Certificates of Recognition were awarded for:

  • 100% Chapter Membership (52 chapters)
  • Barbara James Service Award for Volunteering 25+ hours (45 members)
  • Charters presented to new chapters affil­i­ating with HOSA-Future Health Professionals (8)
  • HOSA Happenings: Multimedia Chapter Communications Event (5 chapters)
  • National Service Project- Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (20 chapters); Hannah Reagan and Sarah Park, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society repre­sen­ta­tives, presented certifi­cates
  • Penn HOSA Foundation Scholarship Donations (28 chapters); Margaret Rivello, Penn HOSA Foundation Board Chair, presented certifi­cates

Appreciation to local chapter Advisors for their years of service to PENN HOSA was awarded to the following advisors:

Rosemary Barakat Delaware County Technical High School 5
Mary Barr Lancaster County CTC 5
Nelleke Beats McCaskey East High School 5
Keith Davis A. Phillip Randolph Career & Technical HS 5
Michelle Foland Cumberland Perry AVTS 5
Cindy Heil Lehigh Career & Technical Institute 5
Megan Kelly Paul Robeson High School for Human Services 5
Kathy Lauver Cumberland Perry AVTS 5
Maryanne Neal State College Area High School 5
Donna Pavlovic Lehigh Career & Technical Institute 15

Chris Quaglia, PENN HOSA State President 2014–15, was selected by his fellow officers to receive the honor of Outstanding State Leader.  This award is presented annually to one officer in recog­nition of his/her commitment to HOSA and outstanding leadership during time in office.

Outstanding HOSA Advisor, Secondary division, was awarded to Mary Makuta, local chapter advisor from Hazleton Area Career Center.  Among her many accom­plish­ments, Mary  helped to establish one of the first health career programs in the state of Pennsylvania and worked collab­o­ra­tively to build artic­u­lation agree­ments with local hospitals, long term care facil­ities and assisted living centers. She currently serves as Category Chair for Teamwork and Recognition Events on the PENN HOSA SLC Competitive Events Committee. Additional recog­nition will be awarded at the NLC in Anaheim, California.

In the words of Harvey Mackay, “None of us got to where we are alone. Whether the assis­tance we received was obvious or subtle, acknowl­edging someone’s help is a big part of under­standing the impor­tance of saying thank you.”  Following in the words of this very appro­priate quote, PENN HOSA extends our sincere appre­ci­ation and thanks to the following:

  • Administrators for supporting HOSA activ­ities for members and advisors throughout the entire year and approved their atten­dance at the conference;
  • School support staff for working with the advisors and students;
  • PDE staff members for continuing support of PENN HOSA throughout this year;
  • PENN HOSA, Inc. Board Chairman for performing a variety of assign­ments during the conference;
  • Local chapter advisors for exempli­fying the HOSA motto as they, in the classroom and during the conference,  enhanced the delivery of compas­sionate, quality health care by providing oppor­tu­nities for knowledge, skill and leadership devel­opment of all health science technology education students, therefore, helping students to meet the needs of the health care community;
  • Student members who chose to partic­ipate in the conference and received so many compli­ments from the hotel staff members and exhibitors for their profes­sional appearance and politeness; you made your  advisors, schools, parents and PENN HOSA extremely proud!!;
  • Cumberland Perry AVTS Horticulture instructor and students for the beautiful bouton­nieres and corsages for the officers, roses for the advisor recog­nition and for manning a flower stand at the conference;
  • Cumberland Perry Warehouse instructor and students for storing our event boxes;
  • Our Co-Treasurer for handling the financial aspects of the conference;
  • Executive Council team and their Officer Coordinator and Assistant to the Officer Coordinator for greeting members and guests and conducting successful sessions, committee meetings and symposia;
  • Advisors to the Executive Council team for supporting their respective officer throughout the year and especially during the conference;
  • Ninety one (91) advisors and twenty one (21) chaperones who took their roles seriously and super­vised the students;
  • School Directors, Penn HOSA Foundation, Inc. Board members and special honored guests attending our sessions;
  • Co-Director of Competitive Events for outstanding prepa­ration and follow through of a successful compet­itive events’ component of the conference;
  • Category Chairs on the Competitive Events Leadership Committee for your commitment and support before, during and after the conference;
  • Sixty seven (67) local chapter advisors serving as Event Managers; without your support and willingness to share your expertise, time and talents, we could not hold the compet­itive events;
  • One (1) student who sang the National Anthem respect­fully and beauti­fully at our Opening and Grand Awards Sessions;
  • One (1) student who beauti­fully sang God Bless America at our Recognition session;
  • Ten (10) officer candi­dates and their advisors who assisted and supported them throughout the appli­cation process;
  • Three (3) volun­teers in Headquarters who assisted our attendees “behind the scene”;
  • Three (3) volunteer personnel and one (1) Tabulations Coordinator for running Tabulations;
  • Two (2) Competitive Events Set-up personnel;
  • One (1) PDE Program Specialist;
  • Special speakers at our corporate meeting;
  • Several alumni members assisting in various roles;
  • 120 volunteer judges for the compet­itive event compe­ti­tions;
  • Keynote Speaker and Special Speakers at our sessions;
  • Grand Awards announcer for being enthu­si­astic and flexible in his role;
  • Conference photog­rapher for taking photos and producing a memorable conference video;
  • Coordinator of Exhibitors and Event Assistants;
  • Event Manager Coordinator;
  • Manager of our HOSA store;
  • Bingo announcer;
  • PENN HOSA Idol judges;
  • Conference Registrar;
  • Educational and product knowledge exhibitors;
  • Everyone who served as a presenter during one of the symposia;
  • The very helpful staff at the Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center for working tirelessly to meet our needs;
  • Anyone who volun­teered to assist “in any way possible”!

Through membership in HOSA-Future Health Professionals, and especially in regard to partic­i­pation at PENN HOSA’s 36th State Leadership Conference, our members are able to dream more, learn more, and become more and they truly are the healthcare leaders of tomorrow!  For some of our members their goals of becoming contributing members of the healthcare team and their society begin as they leave one stage in their life to begin the next part of their journey.  For others, the next chapter of HOSA membership unfolds as they continue as members of this awesome student-led organi­zation and transfer the skills and knowledge of the classroom in prepa­ration for partic­i­pation in the next PENN HOSA SLC scheduled for March 9–11, 2016. Why just read about the fun and excitement our members have at SLC?  Start making plans now to attend the conference and experience first-hand what HOSA is all about!