2015-16 HOSA National Theme

Nashville, Tennessee was the site where HOSA members from the United States, Canada, American Samoa, Italy, Puerto Rico and Mexico gathered to help HOSA-Future Health Professionals celebrate their 40th anniversary during the 39th leadership conference and very first International Leadership Conference (ILC). During this celebratory conference our Pennsylvania delegation of 214 students, advisors and family members made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Our delegation was inspired as they took in all that the conference had to offer especially as they learned about innovative health care technologies and helped ignite the conference general sessions though their vigorous cheering in support of our PENN HOSA members and State association being recognized for so many reasons.

It has been said that numbers tell the story so allow us to share some numbers with you as we recant the happenings at ILC 2016.

ILC by the Numbers:

  • Total national HOSA membership: 203,000 members (11% increase in membership)
  • Total number of consecutive years of membership growth: 32
  • Total ILC registration: 9,200 students, advisors, judges and guests – largest HOSA conference ever! (7.6% increase over the 2015 conference)
  • Total number of competitors: 6,644 competitors in three levels: secondary, post-secondary & 126 middle school members
  • Total number of health related events: 57 with 13 specific events designated for middle school competitors
  • Total number of health-related workshops: 143
  • Total number of exhibitors: 94
  • Total amount of scholarship money awarded to 85 HOSA members: $68,000.00
  • Total number of medals won by PENN HOSA secondary members: 3
Michelle Bauer St. Mary’s Area High School Healthy Lifestyle Gold
Kaitlin Valentine Berks CTC-East HOSA PM Speaking Skills Gold
Leah Gabler St. Mary’s Area High School Dental Terminology Bronze
  • Total number of secondary PENN HOSA competitors placing in the Top Ten: 8
Emily Renninger Western Montgomery CTC Dental Science 6th
Megan Campbell Butler County AVTS-Butler Unus Personal Care 7th
Rachel Bauer St. Mary’s Area High School Sports Medicine 7th
Emily Corrado Hazleton Area Academy of Science Prepared Speaking 7th
Fridlie Clermy & Teresa Quann Franklin Learning Center Health Education 7th
Catherine Li Downingtown S.T.E.M. Academy Medical Spelling 8th
Amanda Booher Clarion County Career Center Nursing Assisting 10th
  • Total number of post-secondary PENN HOSA competitors placing in the Top Ten: 5
Cynthia Nichols YTI Career Institute-York Campus Medical Assisting 4th
Harshit Agarwal University of Pittsburgh Medical Math 5th
Denise Quillen YTI Career Institute- Lancaster Campus Job Seeking Skills 5th
Brittani Emig YTI Career Institute-York Campus Medical Math 8th
Jenna Eckenrode YTI Career Institute-York Campus Medical Terminology 10th
  • Total number of PENN HOSA members chosen to receive one of the scholarships through HOSA’s scholarship program from the sponsor Chegg: 1
Keerthana Samanthapudi North Allegheny Intermediate HS $1,000.00
  • Total number of PENN HOSA members chosen to participate in the 2016 Public Health Leadership Seminar, a week-long seminar hosted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) with support from the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General (OSG) and the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (USPHS). This year’s Public Health Leadership Seminar will be conducted July 11-15 in Washington, D.C. Only 10 applicants chosen.
Marcus Henderson, 2011-12 PENN HOSA State President Graduate of Franklin Learning Center
Senior nursing student at University of Penn
  • Total number of Outstanding Advisors in the Secondary Division: 1
Olga Torres Mastbaum High School-Nursing Hearts
  • Total number of Outstanding Advisors in the Postsecondary Division: 1
Angie Kann York Technical Institute-York Campus
  • Total number of Outstanding State Leaders: 1
Steven Filby, 2015-16 Eastern Regional VP Berks Career & Technology Center-East Campus
  • Total number of chapters receiving recognition for HOSA Chapter Reflection: 2
    This recognition event encourages local HOSA chapters to achieve the goals of HOSA by implementing a plan of work with a focus on the development of leadership skills, career opportunities, and service-learning among chapter members, and to document their achievements in the form of a chapter reflection book. This event is designed to recognize excellence.
Franklin Learning Center
Mastbaum HS – Nursing Hearts
  • Total number of secondary chapters receiving Certificates of Recognition for donating $100.00 or 100 volunteer hours to the National Service Project, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: 16
    • Total number of volunteer hours donated by PENN HOSA members: 1,140
    • Total amount of money donated by PENN HOSA chapters: $5,230.79

    The HOSA National Service Project involves the sponsorship of a national healthcare organization by local HOSA chapters who plan service projects to support the selected organization.
    2014-2016 Service Organization: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Beaver County CTC-AM Ohana & Beaver County CTC-PM Health Occ Heroes
BCTC West Campus Early Birds
Berks CTC – West – Sunrise & Berks CTC – West – Sunset
Clarion County Career Center AM & Clarion County Career Center PM
Cumberland-Perry AVTS CPAVTS Nursing Assistant
Franklin Learning Center
Greene County CTC-AM & Greene County CTC-PM
Hazleton Area Academy of Science
Mastbaum HS-Mastbaum Striders
Mastbaum HS-Nursing Hearts
Randolph Academy – Oral Health
Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Pride
  • Total number of secondary chapters receiving a Certificate of Merit for donating over $500.00 or 500 volunteer hours to the National Service Project, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: 3
Butler Co. AVTS – Butler Duo
Career Institute of Technology
Carbon Career & Technical Institute
  • Number assigned to serve as General Session Courtesy Corps to monitor members’ attire as they entered the session: 3
Mary Nguyen South Philadelphia HS
Julian Vallejo Mastbaum HS-Nursing Hearts
Alondra Rivera Mastbaum HS-Nursing Hearts
ADDITIONAL COURTESY CORPS assigned to general duties at the conference
School: Mastbaum HS-Nursing Hearts
Yareiny Collazo; Christine Ellis; Francisca Guddah; Leyshka Mateo; Amarilis Mora; Anne Moreno; Janmarilyn Ramirez-Matos; Julitza Tremlos; Sharnay Young
    • Total number of PENN HOSA members receiving the Barbara James Service Award for performing a minimum of 50 community service volunteer hours: 22
      • Number of hours volunteered by PENN HOSA members in 2015-2016: 5,537.05

      This award seeks to recognize individual HOSA members who have a commitment to community service in health and/or health care. Bronze = 100-174 hrs. Silver = 175-249 hrs. Gold = 250+ hrs.

Beaver County CTC-AM Ohana Leigh, Brittany, Bronze
Beaver County CTC-AM Ohana Ames, Harley, Bronze
Beaver County CTC-PM Health Occ Heroes Gulish, Rebecca, Bronze
Beaver County CTC-PM Health Occ Heroes Scott, McKayla, Bronze
Beaver County CTC-PM Health Occ Heroes Hanbury, Heavenly, Bronze
Beaver County CTC-AM Ohana Fleissner, Julia, Bronze
Beaver County CTC-AM Ohana Hoffman, Nichole, Bronze
Beaver County CTC-AM Ohana Leigh, Kayla, Bronze
Beaver County CTC-PM Health Occ Heroes Brummitt, Shea, Bronze
Beaver County CTC-PM Health Occ Heroes Viscuso, Breana, Bronze
Berks CTC – West – Sunrise Klein, Ben, Silver
Berks CTC – West – Sunrise Boyer, Andrea, Silver
Butler Co. AVTS – Butler Duo Fisher, Brooke, Bronze
Carbon Career & Technical Institute PM Anthony, Nicole, Gold
Carbon Career & Technical Institute PM Berger, Alexis, Gold
Kensington Health Science Academy Rodriguez, Stephanie, Silver
Kensington Health Science Academy Martinez, Tatianna, Bronze
Kensington Health Science Academy Bazemore, Kymonni, Bronze
Kensington Health Science Academy Willis, Deia, Bronze
Kensington Health Science Academy-Dental Achievers Rosado, Destinee, Bronze
Mastbaum HS-Mastbaum Striders Jean-Marie, Marie, Silver
Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Pride Wood, Nyasia, Bronze
    • Number of State flag bearers: 1

Christina Rudderow
2016-2017 PENN HOSA State President

  • Total number of PENN HOSA chapters receiving recognition for HOSA Happenings: 5
    Chapters produce a chapter newsletter presented in a manner that celebrates the chapter members and their achievements, as well as shares information with readers that is health science-related. Chapters tell the story of their chapter of HOSA-Future Health Professionals, throughout the year, using a print newsletter, electronic newsletter, or website.

Franklin Learning Center (Secondary)
Laurel Technical Institute – Sharon (Postsecondary/Collegiate)
Mastbaum High School – Nursing Hearts (Secondary)
Reading-Muhlenberg CTC – HOSA Freedom (Secondary)
Reading-Muhlenberg CTC – HOSA Pride (Secondary)

  • Number of Voting Delegates: 6
    Voting Delegates are responsible for electing the National Officers for the 2016-2017 membership year and for taking action on all HOSA business.
SECONDARY VOTING DELEGATES: 2016-17 PENN HOSA Executive Council Members
Christina Rudderow, President Berks CTC-East Campus
Bailey Wright, Secretary Carbon County CTI
Jordy Atencia, Historian Franklin Learning Center
SECONDARY VOTING DELEGATE 2015-16 PENN HOSA Executive Council Member
Steven Filby, 2015-16 Eastern Regional Vice President Berks CTC-East Campus
Ankitha Iyer, Immediate Past Chapter Secretary University of Pittsburgh
Meredith Lie-Atjam, Chapter Secretary University of Pittsburgh
  • Number of National Officer Candidates: 1
Harshit Agarwal, University of Pittsburgh
Harsh passed the National Candidate’s Test, aced the interview process and was slated as
a candidate for Postsecondary Board Representative
  • Number of State personnel assisting with Round One at PENN HOSA’s sponsored competitive event of Job Seeking Skills: 30
Event Manager (EM) Traci Wildeson Clarion County Career Center
Quality Assurance Mary Makuta Hazleton Area Career Center
Proctors (Application) 1.Kelly Ruth Berks CTC-West Campus
2. Edwin Torres Mastbaum High School
3. Therese Matthews Berks CTC-West Campus
4. Elizabeth Mitsch Beaver County CTC
Report & Evaluation Room Facilitator Angie Kann YTI – York Campus
Event Assistants to help Report & Evaluation Room Facilitator 1. Carly Fisher YTI -Lancaster Campus
2. Michael Nieves Kensington Health Science Academy
Traffic Flow Facilitator to get competitors to correct section location Diann Hopely Delaware County Technical HS-Folcroft
Event Assistants to help Traffic Flow Facilitator 1. Deissy Cinto Mastbaum HS-Nursing Hearts   Advisor: Olga Torres
2. Kymoni Bazemore Kensington Health Science Academy     Advisor: Karen Finkelstein
Section 1 in Ryman Studio F
Section Leader (SL) Christine Sekul Delaware County Technical HS-Folcroft
Time Keeper (TK) Rebecca Romagna Greater Altoona CTC-PNP
Event Assistant (EA) Jordan Reaser Berks CTC-East Advisor: Maureen Longenecker
Section 2 in Ryman Studio G
Section Leader (SL) Tami Bruni Butler County AVTS
Time Keeper (TK) Alexis Casale TCHS – Pennock’s Bridge Campus
Event Assistant (EA) Mary Sweeny Hazleton Area Career Center
Section 3 in Ryman Studio H
Section Leader (SL) Christine Scarle YTI -Lancaster Campus
Time Keeper (TK) Mary Barr Lancaster County CTC
Event Assistant (EA) Olivia Scarle YTI -Lancaster Campus
Section 4 in Ryman Studio I 
Section Leader (SL) Barbara Coyle Delaware Valley HS
Time Keeper (TK) Maura Makuta Hazleton Area Career Center
Event Assistant (EA) Cheyenne Pistorius Butler County AVTS
Section 5 in Ryman Studio J
Section Leader (SL) Heather Zornek Franklin County CTC
Time Keeper (TK) Marla Moore Western Montgomery CTC
Event Assistant (EA) Jose Perez Kensington Health Science Academy-Dental Achievers
Section 6 in Ryman Studio K
Section Leader (SL) Steve Bauer St. Mary’s HS
Time Keeper (TK) Stacey Wheaton Greene County CTC
Event Assistant (EA) Candace Wheaton Greene County CTC
  • Number of local chapter Advisors assigned to judge Outstanding HOSA Chapter event: 2
Jessica Way, Franklin Learning Center
Olga Torres, Mastbaum HS-Nursing Hearts
  • Number of local chapter advisors assigned as Entertainment Chaperones: 3
Karen Finkelstein Kensington Health Science Academy
Jane Caretti St. Mary’s HS
Colin Chrestay Franklin Learning Center
  • Number of PENN HOSA officers and members assisting the National Officers with rehearsal for the Friday evening Recognition Session: 12
    Practicing with the National Executive Council afforded our members a unique opportunity to interact with the officers and to experience the feeling of conducting the session on stage.
Christiana Rudderow, PENN HOSA President Berks CTC-East Campus
Bailey Wright, PENN HOSA Secretary Carbon CTI
Jordy Atencia, PENN HOSA Historian Franklin Learning Center
Steven Filby, PENN HOSA 2015-16 Eastern Regional VP Berks CTC-East Campus
Anne Moreno, Leyshka Mateo, Yarieny Collazo, and Sharnay Young Mastbaum HS-Nursing Hearts chapter members
Emilianna Kim, Elton Veseli, Sanjay Deel and Matthew Kermitz Lehigh CTI Emerging-Health Professionals chapter members


  • PENNsylvania HOSA was recognized with a plaque for membership increase in 2015-2016 and is proud to be counted as one of the many states experiencing membership growth!
  • PENN HOSA also received the highest honor of being recognized as the Most Professionally Dressed State Association at the conference. What an honor for our delegation to be awarded this recognition out of the 9,200 individuals at the conference!!! CONGRATULATIONS to the delegation for earning this distinction.
  • HOSA-Leadership, Service, Engagement is the 2016-2017 HOSA National theme
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) serves as the 2016-2018 National Service Project. To learn more about this largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for millions of Americans affected by mental illness visit

Thank you to……………..

  • everyone at the local schools for believing in and supporting our advisors and students as they made plans to attend the conference
  • the local communities for their support
  • families who cheered on the competitors
  • our fantastic local chapter advisors who, without their support and participation, PENN HOSA would not have been as visible and interactive as we were
  • anyone who made a difference in the life of a PENN HOSA member


The goal of HOSA-Future Health Professionals is straightforward–to be recognized as the pipeline for future health professionals in the health industry — public and private. For young people who wish to prepare themselves for a career in the health industry, our goal is to provide them with integrated classroom experiences, projects and activities that will enhance their personal, leadership and professional development and opportunities for recognition at the local, state and national levels.

PENN HOSA’s goal will be in line with the 2016-2017 HOSA National theme as we continue to offer our members activities providing opportunities for Leadership, Service, Engagement in order to help our members reach their goals of becoming successful, productive and happy future health professionals!

To learn more about HOSA-Future Health Professionals check out the following websites:

State website

National website

To contact the PENN HOSA State Executive Director/State Advisor, Janet Nelson:

PENN HOSA wishes everyone a splendid summer where you can kick off your shoes, run barefoot in the grass or sand, drink a refreshing cool lemonade or ice tea, and simply have some well-deserved fun in the sun!

Report prepared by: Janet E. Nelson, PENN HOSA Executive Director and State Advisor