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PENNSYLVANIA HOSA-Future Health Professionals
HOSA- Create Your Future
2017-2018 HOSA Theme

Dallas, Texas was the site for HOSA’s 41st Annual International Leadership Conference! This year 10,000 HOSA members, advisors, industry professionals and special guests gathered together to recognize and celebrate the individual, state, national, and international achievements of HOSA. The Pennsylvania delegation of 170 became immersed in the conference activities which included:

  • VADM Jerome M. Adams, U.S. Surgeon General speaking during the Opening Session
  • Keynote speaker, Dr. Rick Rigsby who encouraged HOSA members to make an impact, not just an impression
  • Awarding of over $1 MILLION dollars in scholarships at both the state and international levels
  • 6,916 competitors participating in 60 health-related Competitive Events
  • 130 dynamic workshops from some of the best health industry professionals from companies, universities, and organizations such as IBM Watson Health, GlaxoSmithKline, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Baylor University and the Parkland Hospital Trauma Center
  • 110 exhibitors featuring a number of interactive workshops and exhibits including the U.S. Army, BARDA, Simulator Solutions, a MedStar Ambulance, and a Disaster Response and EMS Simulator Trailer

As you read the rest of the report we hope you will see how our local chapters have been CREATING THEIR FUTURES through participation in and recognition at the ILC.


  • Secondary Competitor Medalist
Nevaeh Ritsick TCHS – Pickering Speaking Skills Gold
  • Secondary Competitor Top Ten Finalists
Matthew Ward Berks CTC-West-Early Birds Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking 4th
Shaelin Frazee Fayette County CTI Personal Care 5th
Kaitlyn Breeser Western Montgomery CTC Interviewing Skills 8th
Madi Dura Hazleton Area Academy of Science Extemporaneous Writing 8th
Cathy Zhuang Central Bucks HS – South Epidemiology 8th
Patrick Kirby, Laya Madulapally, Charan Santhirasegaran, Lauren Spadt Central Bucks HS – South Creative Problem Solving 9th
  • Post-secondary Competitor Medalist
Vibha Chauhan University of Pittsburgh Knowledge Test – Nutrition 3rd
  • Post-secondary Competitor Top Ten Finalist
Nishtha Kochhar University of Pittsburgh Prepared Speaking 6th


  • Outstanding State Leader
Alexandria Carpenter, 2017-18 State Vice President Lebanon County CTC – HOSA Stripes
Advisor- Rene Gehman
  • Barbara James Service Award Recipients

This award seeks to recognize individual HOSA members who have a commitment to community service in health and/or health care. Bronze = 100-174 hrs. Silver = 175-249 hrs. Gold = 250+ hrs.

  • Number of hours volunteered by PENN HOSA members in 2016-2017: 4,401.75
Beaver County CTC-PM Health Occ Heroes Haley Thomas 131 BRONZE
Beaver County CTC- PM Health Occ Heroes Shyra Goe 213 SILVER
Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS-Nursing Hearts Jacqueline Melchor-Torres 142 BRONZE
Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS-Nursing Hearts Mohammad Darsalim 224 SILVER
Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS-Nursing Hearts Nayeli Velazquez 176 SILVER
Reading Muhlenberg CTC -HOSA Freedom Bui, Kristina 318 GOLD
Reading Muhlenberg CTC -HOSA Freedom Jose Ramirez 102 BRONZE
Reading Muhlenberg CTC -HOSA Freedom Magdalena Diaz 367.5 GOLD
Twin Valley HS Ashley Goebel 121 BRONZE
  • State Flag Bearer

State Officer assigned to carry the State flag during the Opening Session.

CheneyMarshae Newman, 2018-2019 PENN HOSA State President
Advisor-Jessica Way
  • Workshop Ambassadors

Student members assigned to prepare the presentation room, assist the workshop presenter during the presentation and collect participant evaluations.

John Sijtsma Greene Co. CTC; Advisor-Stacey Wheaton
Allison Coyle Alumnus, Delaware Valley HS; Advisor-Barbara Coyle
  • Voting Delegates

Voting Delegates are responsible for electing the HOSA Executive Council members for the 2018-2019 membership year and for taking action on all HOSA business.

CheneyMarshae Newman, PENN HOSA Vice President Franklin Learning Center; Advisor-Jessica Way
Erin Wilkins, PENN HOSA Secretary TCHS-Pickering; Advisor-Donna Karkoska
Mitchell Murdock, local chapter member
Alexis St. Clair, local chapter member
Greene Co. CTC; Advisor-Stacey Wheaton
  • HOSA Executive Council Recognition Session Rehearsal Helpers

Practicing with the HOSA Executive Council afforded our members a unique opportunity to interact with the officers and to experience the feeling of conducting the session on stage.

CheneyMarshae Newman, PENN HOSA Vice President Franklin Learning Center; Advisor-Jessica Way
Erin Wilkins, PENN HOSA Secretary TCHS-Pickering; Advisor-Donna Karkoska
Marcus Henderson, PENN HOSA Officer Coordinator PENN HOSA Officer Coordinator
Donna Karkoska, Assistant to Officer Coordinator TCHS-Pickering – Assistant to PENN HOSA Officer Coordinator
Mohammad Darsalim J.E. Mastbaum AVT School; Advisor-Olga Torres
Jacqueline Melchor-Torres
Ashley Maldonado
Heather St. Clair Alumnus, Greene Co. CTC; Advisor-Stacey Wheaton


  • Outstanding HOSA Chapter Recognition

This recognition event encourages local HOSA chapters to achieve the goals of HOSA-Future Health Professionals by implementing a plan of work with a focus on the development of leadership skills, career opportunities, and service-learning among chapter members, and to document their achievements in the form of a chapter reflection book. This event is designed to recognize excellence.

Franklin Learning Center; Advisor-Jessica Way
J. E. Mastbaum AVT School – Nursing Hearts; Advisor-Olga Torres
  • HOSA (National) Service Project – Chapter Recognition Certificate Recipients for donating $100.00 or 100 volunteer hours

The HOSA (National) Service Project involves the sponsorship of a national healthcare organization by local HOSA chapters who plan service projects to support the selected organization.

2016-2018 Service Organization: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

  • Total number of volunteer hours donated by PENN HOSA members: 104
  • Total amount of money donated by all PENN HOSA chapters: $1,799.00
Berks CTC-West – Berks Early Birds ($100.00 + 5 volunteer hours); Advisor-Kelly Ruth
Berks CTC– West – Sunrise & Sunset ($100.00 +25 volunteer hours for each chapter);
Advisor-Maureen Longenecker9
Butler Co AVTS – Duo ($149.00 + 6 volunteer hours); Advisor-Tami Bruni
Cumberland Perry AVTS Nursing AM & PM ($100.00 each chapter); Advisor-Kathy Lauver
Delaware Co. technical School – Aston Campus ($200 + 5 volunteer hours); Advisors-Rosemary Barakat and Susan Wienand
Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS – Nursing Hearts ($100.00 + 10 volunteer hours); Advisor-Olga Torres
Reading Muhlenberg CTC – HOSA Pride ($100.00); Advisor-Margaret Stephenson
Schuylkill Technology Center North ($350.00); Advisor-Cyria Hart
Universal Audenried ($100.00 + 11 volunteer hours); Advisors-Andrea Carr and Aubrey Karoglan
  • HOSA Happenings Chapter Certificate Recipient

Chapters produce a chapter newsletter presented in a manner that celebrates the chapter members and their achievements, as well as shares information with readers that is health science-related. Chapters tell the story of their chapter of HOSA-Future Health Professionals, throughout the year, using a print newsletter, electronic newsletter, or website.

J.E. Mastbaum AVT School – Nursing Hearts; Advisor-Olga Torres


  • Outstanding HOSA Advisor in the Secondary Division
Donna Karkoska Chester County Technical College High School – Pickering Campus
  • Outstanding HOSA Advisor in the Postsecondary/Collegiate Division
Harshit Agarwal University of Pittsburgh
  • General Session Courtesy Corps to monitor members’ attire as they entered the Opening Session
Louis Fantini, Chaperone Franklin Learning Center; Advisor-Jessica Way
Steve Grove, Chaperone Franklin Co. CTC; Advisor-Marla Moore
Elizabeth Mitsch Beaver Co. CTC; Advisor with Theresa Cairns
  • State Personnel Assisting with PENN HOSA’s sponsored competitive event of Job Seeking Skills
Event Manager (EM) Connie Price Central Montco Technical HS
Quality Assurance (QA) Susan Wienand Delaware Co. Technical School – Aston Campus
Proctors (Competitor check-in & job application) Marcus Henderson PENN HOSA Officer Coordinator
Yolanda Reynolds Abraham Lincoln HS
Traci Wildeson Clarion Co. CTC
Stacey Wheaton Greene Co. CTC
Report & Evaluation Room Facilitator Jacqui Gilkey Central Montco Technical HS
Event Assistants to help Report & Evaluation Room Facilitator Sharnay Young J.E. Mastbaum AVT School; Advisor-Olga Torres
Victoria Blas Kensington Health Science Academy; Advisor-Monique Adkins
Traffic Flow Facilitator to get competitors to correct section location Marla Moore Franklin Co. CTC
Event Assistant to help Traffic Flow Facilitator Hayleigh Cagle Greene Co. CTC; Advisor-Stacey Wheaton
Section 1
Section Leader (SL) Theresa Cairns Beaver Co. CTC
Time Keeper (TK) Frances McAdams Abraham Lincoln HS
Event Assistant (EA) Anne Moreno J.E. Mastbaum AVT School; Advisor-Olga Torres
Section 2
Section Leader (SL) Tami Bruni Butler County AVTS
Time Keeper (TK) Yolanda Reynolds Abraham Lincoln HS
Event Assistant (EA) Angelica Claudio  Kensington Health Science Academy; Advisor-Monique Adkins
Section 3
Section Leader (SL) Barbara Coyle Delaware Valley HS
Time Keeper (TK) Donna Martin Fayette Co. CTI
Event Assistant (EA) Julian Vallejo J.E. Mastbaum AVT School; Advisor-Olga Torres
Section 4
Section Leader (SL) Brenda Kreamer Lebanon Co. CTC
Time Keeper (TK) Edwin Torres J.E. Mastbaum AVT School- Nursing Hearts
Event Assistant (EA) Deia Willis Kensington Health Science Academy; Advisor-Monique Adkins
Section 5
Section Leader (SL) and additional event-related activities Heather Zornek Western Montgomery CTC
Time Keeper (TK) Mary Makuta Hazleton Area Career Center
Event Assistant (EA) Nairrah Carreiker Kensington Health Science Academy; Advisor-Monique Adkins
  • Outstanding HOSA Chapter Judges
Olga Torres J. E. Mastbaum AVT School – Nursing Hearts
Jessica Way Franklin Learning Center
  • Serving as Judges at the Conference
Monique Adkins Kensington Health Science Academy
Tracey Petty Industry Development Specialist-Health
School District of Philadelphia
  • Entertainment Chaperones – Friday night Hypnotist
Heather St. Clair Alumni, Greene Co. CTC
Susan Wienand Delaware Co. Technical HS


  • PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals was recognized with a plaque for membership increase in 2017-2018 and is proud to be counted as one of the many states experiencing membership growth!
  • Define Your Purpose is the 2018-2019 HOSA theme.
  • The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation serves as the 2018-2020 HOSA Service Project. To learn more about this nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer by fast-tracking less toxic, more targeted treatments by partnering with 22 leading hospitals nationwide visit
  • Janet Nelson, PENN HOSA State Advisor 2011-2018 was inducted into the HOSA Hall of Fame
  • To watch any or all of the four (4) exciting general sessions click HERE or go to: à Events à International Leadership Conference à 2018 HOSA ILC Session Live Streams

Thank you to……………..

  • everyone at the local schools for believing in and supporting our advisors and students as they made plans to attend the conference,
  • the local communities for their support,
  • families who cheered on the competitors,
  • our fantastic local chapter advisors who with their dedication, desire and determination to help the student members Create Their Futures made PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals visible and interactive, and to
  • anyone who made a difference in the life of a PENN HOSA member!


Attending HOSA’s 41st International Leadership Conference gave our student members and advisors a wonderful and memorable opportunity to create a great ending to the 2017-2018 HOSA year. When our delegation left this year’s conference they returned home as different people because of their networking with peers and like-minded people, participation in phenomenal educational workshops, the discovery of health-related products through interactive displays and by having fun.

The goal of HOSA-Future Health Professionals is straightforward–to be recognized as the pipeline for future health professionals in the health industry — public and private. For young people who wish to prepare themselves for a career in the health industry, HOSA’s goal is to provide them with integrated classroom experiences, projects and activities that will enhance their personal, leadership and professional development and opportunities for recognition at the local, state and international levels.

Define Your Purpose , the 2018-2019 HOSA theme, will be supported by PENN HOSA’s goal of continuing to offer our members activities which provide opportunities not only for themselves but for the many individuals they will touch as HOSA members and as future health professionals!

At 231,186 members, HOSA-Future Health Professionals is among the larger CTSOs. More importantly, HOSA is providing a pipeline of future health professionals that is growing at the right time given the increasing shortages in physicians, nurses and allied health professionals projected for 2025-2030. HOSA is positioned to “make a difference” and no longer be the “best kept secret in CTE.”

To learn more about HOSA-Future Health Professionals check out the following websites:

State website

National website

To contact the PENN HOSA State Executive Director/State Advisor, Walt Slauch:



Report prepared by: Janet E. Nelson, PENN HOSA Executive Director/State Advisor Emeritus