SLC Report

HOSA-Create Your Future
2017-2018 HOSA THEME

With all preparations in place the PENN HOSA 39th State Leadership Conference (SLC) was ready to offer many firsts at this year’s event.  A repeat banner offered photo opportunities, newly designed medals and trophies awaited the top three (3) event winners, certificates for students and advisors were ready to be sent electronically, and silicone SLC 2018 wristbands would be given to the student members attending the exciting and energizing first-time ever PENN HOSA 101 Leadership Workshop.  With a predicted snowstorm all preparations were placed on hold.

The winter weather of 2017-2018 impacted many schools by forcing them to close or have late starts/early dismissals.  One winter weather event of early March caused the Governor to call for a State of Emergency and it was this snow storm which caused PENN HOSA’s 39th State Leadership Conference (SLC) to be cancelled for the safety of the 1,145 registered students, advisors, and chaperones, twenty-eight (28) individuals representing eighteen (18) exhibiting companies and postsecondary schools, fourteen (14) symposia presenters, our enthusiastic and energetic Keynote Speaker, Patrick Grady, the five (5) members of the Tabulations team, three (3) individuals in conference headquarters, 115 judges and other individuals invited to participate in the conference.

With no dates available to reschedule the conference the opportunity was accepted in true PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals fashion to be innovative, creative and resilient as we proceeded with having a ground-breaking virtual conference.  Adhering to our PENN HOSA, Inc. Bylaws the voting Board members elected the 2018-2019 Executive Council via a video process and electronic voting set-up by Marcus Henderson, Officer Coordinator.  Through collaboration with the HOSA staff in Texas ways were developed for judging each of the forty-nine (49) health-related events offered at the SLC.  Online testing and electronic submissions of event materials for virtual judging opportunities were offered to all competitors.  Coordinated by Denise McGaughran, Competitive Events Leadership Committee (CELC) Category Chair for Health Professions events, and supported by the other CELC Category Chairs, eight (8) judges gathered at the Career Institute of Technology for the highly professional judging of all electronic and USPS submitted event materials.  A virtual Grand Awards Session via YouTube Live and announced by HOSA staff member, Mark Burley, introduced the top three (3) secondary and postsecondary/collegiate medalists in all events. Receiving the medals and trophies prior to the session enabled our local chapter advisors to make the award presentations immediately.  Being able to show the archived Grand Awards Session virtually now affords the PENN HOSA audience the chance to view the session anytime.  Eligible winners and advisors continue to make plans to attend the HOSA International Leadership Conference June 27-30 in Dallas, Texas.  For a comprehensive listing of the SLC medalists please go to Events State Leadership Conference (SLC) PENN HOSA Event Winners.

2017-2018 PENN HOSA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL – Our Officer Team leading the members in the current school year

  • President:  Amanda Dlugaszewski, TCHS Pickering; Advisor, Donna Karkoska
  • Vice President: Alexandria Carpenter, Lebanon County CTC; Advisor, Rene Gehman
  • Secretary: Morgan Rutter, TCHS Pickering; Advisor, Donna Karkoska


Officer Coordinator: Marcus Henderson, HOSA-Future Health Professionals Alumnus
Assistant to the Officer Coordinator:  Donna Karkoska, TCHS-Pickering, local chapter advisor
Local Chapter AdvisorRene Gehman, Lebanon County CTC, advisor to State Vice President

2018-2019 PENN HOSA EXECUTIVE COUNCILA selective group of individuals elected by the PENN HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors and charged with the task of fulfilling the goals and mission of PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals

  • resident: Itzel De Leon, TCHS Pickering Campus; Advisor, Donna Karkoska
  • Vice President:  CheneyMarshae Newman; Franklin Learning Center; Advisor, Jessica Way
  • Secretary: Erin Wilkins, TCHS Pickering Campus; Advisor, Donna Karkoska
  • Historian: Jenna Cesar, Berks Career & Technology Center-West; Advisor, Therese Matthew

In a virtual conference individuals fulfilled their roles differently


Event Assistant Coordinator:  Cindy Heil, Lehigh CTI, local chapter advisor

  • Event Assistants had the opportunity to assist in the capacity of a patient/victim for a skill event or assist the assigned proctor in the videoing process


Competitive Events Leadership Committee (CELC) Category Chairs:  Michele Dominic, Carbon CTI; Lori Mattis, Lebanon County CTC; Denise McGaughran, Career Institute of Technology; Kelly Ruth, Berks CTC-West
Tabulations Coordinator:  Kay Deaner
Tabulations Team:  Kathleen Bollinger; Kay Boyer; Barb Tobias; Paige Wierich

  • Thirty two (32) events occurred via online testing
    • Eighty two (82) competitors took the Healthcare Issues Exam
    • 376 competitors took the skill events Round One test
    • 215 competitors took tests required for twelve (12) events
  • 174 competitors submitted event materials electronically/USPS for judging
  • Eight (8) judges, many who were scheduled to judge at the conference, spent hours on the judging process to insure that each competitors’ work received their full and undivided attention


Exhibitor Coordinator:  Cindy Heil, Lehigh CTI, local chapter advisor

  • As a result of continuing to foster a healthy working partnership many of the eighteen (18) educational, product knowledge and fundraising company representatives expressed a desire to attend the next conference to continue sharing their areas of expertise.


Symposia Coordinator:  Donna Karkoska, TCHS Pickering Campus, local chapter advisor

  • Once again a solid and strong working relationship with numerous healthcare professionals sets the stage for the presenters to enthusiastically prepare for their attendance at the 40th SLC.


Certificate Coordinator:  Denise McGaughran, Career Institute of Technology, local chapter advisor

  • 100% Chapter Membership (57 chapters)
    • Archbishop Wood HS
    • Beaver County CTC-PM Health Occ Heroes
    • Bedford Co. Technical Center
    • Berks CTC-East HOSA AM & Berks CTC-East HOSA PM
    • Berks CTC-West  Early Birds, Berks CTC – West – Sunrise & Berks CTC – West – Sunset
    • Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School
    • Butler Co. AVTS Butler Duo & Butler Co. AVTS Butler Unus
    • Central Bucks HS South
    • Central Montco Technical HS
    • Clarion County Career Center AM & Clarion County Career Center PM
    • Connellsville Area CTC
    • Cumberland Perry AVTS AM Dental
    • Cumberland-Perry AVTS Nursing Assisting AM & Cumberland-Perry AVTS Nursing Assisting PM
    • Delaware Co. Technical HS – Gold, Delaware Co. Technical HS – Diamond, Delaware Co. Technical HS – Ruby & Delaware Co. Technical HS – Silver
    • Downingtown STEM Academy & Downingtown STEM Academy Gold
    • Fox Chapel Area Senior HS
    • Franklin Co. CTC
    • Greater Altoona CTC – P.N.
    • Greene County CTC-AM & Greene County CTC-PM
    • Hazleton Area Academy of Science & Hazleton Area Career Center
    • Honesdale High School –  HHS Dream Achievers & Honesdale High School –  HHS Sweet N’ Sour Stingers
    • Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS-Nursing Hearts
    • Kensington Health Science Academy-Dental Achievers
    • Lebanon Co. CTC-HCT HOSA & Lebanon Co. CTC, MA HOSA Stars, Lebanon Co. CTC- MA HOSA Stripes & Lebanon Co. CTC- STS HOSA
    • Lehigh CTI-Emerging Health Professionals Blue Team, Lehigh CTI Emerging Health Professionals Green Team & Lehigh CTI-Emerging Health Professionals Red Team
    • Nazareth Area High School
    • Northumberland Co CTC & Northumberland Co. CTC PM Pride
    • Parkland HS
    • Reading-Muhlenberg CTC Heritage HOSA, Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Pride, RMCTC –HOSA Freedom & RMCTC-Pioneer Chapter
    • TCHS – Pennock’s Bridge
    • TCHS – Pickering & TCHS Pickering PM
    • Twin Valley HS
    • Universal Audenried Charter HS
    • Western Montgomery Career And Technology Center
  • Top Ten Chapters to Affiliate Members
    • Tenth Place – Career Institute of Technology
    • Ninth Place – Reading-Muhlenberg CTC- Pioneer Chapter
    • Eighth Place – Reading-Muhlenberg CTC – HOSA Freedom
    • Seventh Place (Tied) – Hazleton Area Career Center & Hazleton Area Science Academy
    • Sixth Place – Lebanon County CTC-Health Careers
    • Fifth Place – Mastbaum High School – Nursing Hearts
    • Fourth Place (Tied) – Cumberland Perry AVTS – PM Dental & Cumberland Perry AVTS – AM Dental
    • Third Placed (Tied) – Cumberland Perry AVTS – Nursing Assisting AM & Cumberland Perry AVTS – Nursing Assisting PM
    • Second Place – Kensington Health Science Academy
    • First Place – Kensington Health Science Academy- Dental Achievers
  • Barbara James Service Award for Volunteering 50+ hours (40 student members)
    • Beaver County Health Occ Heroes
      • Dulaney, Alexis
      • Flanary, Haylie
      • Gizzi, Keeley
      • Goe, Shyra
      • Heck, Emily
      • McCormick, Mikel
      • Reckner, Emily
      • Tatum, Justice
      • Thomas, Haley
      • Ward, Cassandra
      • Zakrzewski, Ashlee
    • Beaver County Ohana
      • Bisher, Domanique
      • Bradley, Haley
      • Drew, Aniya
      • Kress, Breanna
      • Owens, Mareona
      • Price, Miranda
      • Reed, Capri
      • Rippee, Haley
      • Robinson, Shania
      • Sabat, Rebecca
      • Thompson, Kendel
      • Young, Ashlynn
    • Fox Chapel Area Senior HS
      • Agrawal, Vishi
    • Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS-Nursing Hearts
      • Darsalim, Mohammad
      • Maldonado, Ashley
      • Melchor-Torres, Jacqueline
      • Moreno, Anne
      • Pass, Siani
      • Rivera, Alondra
      • Vallejo, Julian
      • Velazquez, Nayeli
    • Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Freedom
      • Diaz, Magdalena
      • Ramirez, Jose
      • Rodriguez, Arianny
    • Twin Valley High School
      • Gao, David
      • Gao, Kevin
      • Goebel, Ashley
      • Johnson, Olivia
      • Hannigan, Alexa
  • Charters presented to new chapters affiliating with HOSA-Future Health Professionals (6)
    • Bucknell University – Alison Ordonez, Advisor
    • Downingtown STEM Academy Gold – Dr. Michael Schwartz, Advisor
    • Honesdale High School – HHS Dream Achievers – Rebecca Park, Advisor
    • Honesdale High School – HHS Sweet N’ Sour Stingers – Rebecca Park, Advisor
    • Nazareth Area High School – Gina Rakos, Advisor
    • Parkland High School – Advisor TBA
  • HOSA Happenings: Multimedia Chapter Communications Event (4 chapters)
    • J.E.Mastbaum AVTS-Nursing Hearts
    • Reading-Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Freedom
    • Reading-Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Pride
    • Twin Valley High School
  • HOSA Service Project- National Association on Mental Illness (NAMI) (17 chapters)
    • Berks CTC-West – Early Birds & Berks CTC  West- Sunrise and Sunset
    • Butler Co. AVTS – Butler Duo
    • Cumberland Perry AM Dental & Cumberland Perry PM Dental
    • Cumberland-Perry Nursing Assisting AM  & Cumberland-Perry Nursing Assisting PM
    • Delaware County Technical  High School – Gold
    • Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS-Nursing Hearts
    • Kensington Health Science Academy & Kensington Health Science Academy-Dental Achievers
    • Reading Muhlenberg CTC -HOSA Freedom & Reading Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Pride
    • Schuylkill Technology Center North
    • Twin Valley High School
    • Universal Audenried Charter High School
  • Penn HOSA Foundation Scholarship Donations (27 chapters)
    • Archbishop Wood HS
    • Beaver County CTC-Ohana & Health Occ Heroes
    • Berks CTC-West Early Birds, Berks CTC-West Sunrise & Berks CTC-West Sunset
    • Butler County AVTS
    • Cumberland Perry AVTS AM & PM Chapters
    • Delaware CTHS Aston- Gold
    • Franklin County CTC
    • Hazleton Area Career Center
    • Honesdale HS Sweet N Sour Stingers
    • Lebanon County CTC-HCT HOSA
    • Lehigh CTI-Emerging Health & Dental
    • J.E. Mastbaum AVTS-Nursing Hearts
    • Reading Muhlenberg CTC HOSA-Alumni In Memory of Joyce E. Krick ‘93
    • Reading-Muhlenberg CTC-HOSA Freedom Chapter, Reading-Muhlenberg CTC- Pioneer Chapter & Reading-Muhlenberg CTC- HOSA Pride
    • Schuylkill Technology Center North Chapter
    • South Philadelphia HS
    • State College Area HS
    • TCHS Pickering HOSA Chapters
    • Twin Valley HS
    • Western Montgomery CTC

LOCAL CHAPTER ADVISORS’ YEARS OF SERVICE – Advisors with up to twenty (20) years of serving as a chapter advisor received a pin.  An anniversary clock was awarded for thirty (30) years of service.

  • Barbara Coyle; Delaware Valley High School; 5 years
  • Rene Gehman; Lebanon County CTC; 5 years
  • Susan Wienand ; Delaware County Technical High School-Aston Campus; 5 years
  • Lori Mattis; Lebanon County CTC; 10 years
  • Kelly Ruth; Berks CTC-West; 10 years
  • Tina LoBrutto; Wilkes-Barre Area CTC; 15 years
  • Norma Tamayo; Reading Muhlenberg CTC; 20 years
  • Margaret Stephenson; Reading Muhlenberg CTC; 20 years
  • Mary Makuta; Hazleton Area Career Center; 30 years

OUTSTANDING STATE LEADER AWARD – Elected for her commitment to HOSA-Future Health Professionals and outstanding leadership during time in office Alexandria Carpenter, State Vice President, Lebanon County CTC received this honor.  Alexandria will be recognized at the 41st International Leadership Conference in Texas.

OUTSTANDING HOSA ADVISOR SECONDARY DIVISION – Donna Karkoska, local chapter advisor from TCHS Pickering received this recognition.  She will also receive recognition at the 41st International Leadership Conference in Texas.

OUTSTANDING HOSA ADVISOR COLLEGIATE DIVISION – Harshit Agarwal, founder and first chapter President of the University of Pittsburgh HOSA chapter received this recognition.  Harsh will also receive recognition at the 41st International Leadership Conference in Texas.

Chairman:  Diann Stoume, Delaware County Technical HS-Folcroft, local chapter advisor
DJ:  Harshit Agarwal, PS/C student member of Pitt HOSA
Committee members:  local chapter advisors- Andrea Carr, Universal Audenried Charter HS; Cyria Hart,
Schuylkill Technology Center; Dr. Jerry Halloran, Archbishop Wood HS; Kathy Glacken, Central Montco Technical HS; Kristin Applegate, Lehigh CTI; Monica Millio, Delaware Co. Technical HS-Folcroft; Olga Torres,
Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS; Rosemary Barakat, Delaware Co. Technical HS-Aston; Susan Wienand, Delaware Co. Technical HS-Aston; Maureen Longenecker, Berks-CTC West; Margaret Stephenson, Reading Muhlenberg CTC;
Lori Mattis, Lebanon County CTC; Stacey Wheaton, Greene Co. CTC

  • The entire team was poised and ready to provide a special evening of dancing in a western themed decorated ballroom


The cancellation of SLC 2018 required us to take action to make the situation better.  Technology allowed our PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals members to participate in this groundbreaking opportunity of a virtual State Leadership Conference.  But it is the people who made this conference a success.  Through collaboration, consultation, innovation, determination and perseverance PENN HOSA members proved that when presented with challenges we could and did move forward successfully.

Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to our local chapter advisors, students, school administrators, parents, PENN HOSA, Inc. Board members, all conference committee members, our Executive Council and their adult leaders, International HOSA staff, virtual judges, the day-to-day hotel staff and our insurance agent.  Your flexibility, support, endurance and especially your patience permitted us to work through the levels required to offer this conference in a groundbreaking manner.   On the local level many advisors demonstrated resourceful ways to spotlight the competitors and other student members for their prepared roles and their competitive events.  From these ingenious activities came the realization that these types of events will become yearly ways in which to further prepare for attendance at SLC and/or limelight the members following the conference.

Our goal for 2017-2018 of planning and preparing in order to celebrate our successes and learn from our experiences was met.  When reflecting on this HOSA year we trust that our members can say with confidence that this was a year of many firsts and that from the local to the state to the international levels planning and preparing did bring success and opportunities for learning in order to Create Their Future in healthcare.

What does it mean to be a member of the only Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) that is 100% health care related?  For the 3,888 registered 2017-2018 PENN HOSA members it means an opportunity to develop leadership skills, provide service to others on a local, state, and international level. The combination of all HOSA experiences are what help our members Create Their Futures.

HOSA-Future Health Professionals Mission Statement, “To empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration and experience” offers these challenges:

  • If you are a current member of HOSA-Future Health Professionals continue making memories through active involvement in your chapter and if you want to step outside your comfort zone start making plans now to attend PENN HOSA’s 40th State Leadership Conference and experience first-hand what HOSA-Future Health Professionals is all about!
  • As an Alumni, if you are planning to attend a postsecondary/collegiate educational facility and want to continue your HOSA experience by starting a chapter at the school contact Janet Nelson @
  • If you do not have a HOSA chapter at your school and want to become involved in this awesome student organization contact Janet Nelson @

Report prepared by: Janet E. Nelson, PENN HOSA-Future Health Professionals Executive Director/State Advisor